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Photographer | Filmmaker | Creative Coach

With both a mindful and intuitive approach to my work I offer my presence and work as a gift to the people that want to receive it. All I ask is your contribution to make it possible for me to continue giving these gifts to people. So that we help each other making dreams come true.

Working around the world to connect people to the natural beauty of ordinary life with the art of film & photography, to help maintain beauty, harmony and balance. I facilitate workshops in Mindful Photography, Mindful Street Photography, Authentic Movement and creative development.

Maurice Spees was born in Belgium in 1975, and grew up in the Netherlands.

Over the past four years I have facilitated experiential workshops worldwide in intuitive development, authentic movement and mindful photography for professionals, leaders and students.

Throughout my work as a traveling cameraman/ director, documentary filmmaker and photographer (15 years) I discovered my innate inter-cultural adaptability. During my eight years in SE-Asia my life’s fascination and contemplation with eastern philosophy, nature, performance art, chi energy and insight meditation turned into my dedication. I soon developed my intuitive communication skills with nature. And the beautiful synergy of this all made me develop a knack for empowering and guiding people into their unique potential and true self.

All I do is express my love for the world through my work.”

Some of the clients I work(ed) with as a freelance Camera/Journalist or filmmaker (camera/director) / photographer:

Dreams come true when we wake up in them!

Maurice Spees

The eyes are the doors of our perception, and the camera is our window.

Maurice Spees

Moving Films

Besides my work as a Photographer, I am a creative filmmaker and Video, working on both Independent Documentaries, Powerful Impressions, Music Video clips, Dance and Artistic Films. Elevating Beauty, Art and Consciousness with the power of Film and Photography

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