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warning-noteYou have reached the official  site of Maurice Spees – EARTHKEEPER Artist & Teacher | Creative Vision Exploration guide – taking people to the depth of Nature to discover the magic of living. With the art of Mindful Photography.

It’s not about me, it’s about your connection with Nature, where you will find the magical being that you are. If you can recognize the spirit of my work, then I would love to invite you to meet me in person wherever I AM or wherever you want me to BE, during one of my inspirational talks or by joining one of the upcoming Creative Vision Exploration Retreats.

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Mindful Photography artist / teacher | Creative Life Coach & Vision Exploration Guide in Nature

MY LIFE MISSION is to guide creative people into seeing the world from their unique perspective, opening up their heart by getting in touch and attuned with Nature. So that their true nature can unravel as a pure gift to the world. Facilitating platforms of direct individual and group experience in Nature. Using vision quests, exploration, movement, photography and performance art as a powerful vehicle to self-realization; to help seeing the big picture and connect with source.

Maurice Spees (1975) is an award winning wildlife, nature & culture conservationist photographer/ filmmaker.

“My employer is the Earth. I work in co-creation with Nature. With a mindful and intuitive approach to my work I offer my work as a gift back to the Earth. All I ask in return is your support to make it possible to continue giving these gifts to people, to cultivate inspiration for others to be their unique gift to the world.”

I work in full attunement with the Spirit of Mother Nature and my work is my invitation to do the same. The people I work with are conscious entrepreneurs and artists with the same employer.

Maurice has been working around the globe as a nature & culture conservation artist photographer & filmmaker for over a decade, spreading his love for nature and her beauty across the world. With both film and photography Maurice tends to share the power of our connection with nature instilling this beauty and magic into people’s hearts. His work is an invitation to  attune ourselves with the Spirit of Mother Nature. With Mindful Photography Maurice intents to attune people with Nature within their surroundings, connecting and engaging people with the natural beauty of our ordinary life. Using the art of film and photography as a powerful communication and transformation tool.  Tapping into the potent gift we all carry within, as caretakers of our planet; to purify ourselves, to help maintain beauty, harmony and balance that is naturally present in nature and within our own purity!


Mindful Photography arose as the synergy between my 15 years experiencing as a globetrotting professional artist, photographer and filmmaker, my self-realization experience in Asia and worldwide Nature explorations. Through intense contemplation in eastern philosophies with the help of insight vipassana meditation, I uncovered an innate ability to intuitively communicate with nature, which are the primal ingredients that guided me to developing everything I teach today.The last decade I develop a joy and a knack for empowering and guiding people into their own gifts and true nature through workshops, inspirational talks and Vision Exploration Retreats.

From 2007 onwards I facilitated workshops in Intuitive Development, Authentic Movement, Filmmaking and Mindful Photography for professionals, leaders and students. The essence of this experience I brought together into the ever-growing Vision Exploration experiences I facilitate in the Balearic Islands, Nepal and SE-Asia today.”

All I do is express my love for the world through my work.”

Selection of clients I worked with as a freelance Camera/Journalist and filmmaker (camera/director):

Dreams come true when we wake up in them!

Maurice Spees

Creative Vision Exploration Retreat

Discover the magic of living in attunement with the spirit of the Earth.

Can you remember those breathtaking moments where you loose your mind entirely into the awe of your experience?

Moments where you lost yourself in the magic of life?

These awe inspiring moments of bliss, serenity and peace where you easily surrender to everything that is.

Maybe it’s impossible to remember them because at those moments your mind was gone, so all that is left is glimpses of the experience. These moments take place in the pure conscious experiencing where we don’t need to memorize things to pick them up later.

Where I want to go with you is; why should these moments be so precious?
Why can’t just always live in awe of the magic that surrounds us, just like an undistracted child being in the moment?
We certainly can! And the effect of this way of living will move your life from ordinary to extraordinary so that the extraordinary can become ordinary and so on.


But how can we accomplish this? How can we loose our mind entirely when we are so accustomed to our mind, while our society is build with it?
Spending years in the most pristine natural environments from rainforests to vast oceans on my own, I discovered it sure is possible to always live in the moment, when we re-attune our inner child with the pure spirit of the Earth and co-create our world in this vibration. The pure spirit of the Earth that can be found in the pure presence of Nature.

Together with our Mother Nature I developed a platform in the form of a seven-day Creative Vision Exploration retreat in which you will dive into the depths of nature to uncover your own pure nature. We let the diversity of the Menorca Biosphere Reserve be our platform of individual and group exploration.

Discover how by getting in touch and attuned with Nature you will be able to fully tap into your pure inner guidance that helps you to enjoy the natural flow of life, for life. This is what I call the magic of living.
This retreat will bring out the EARTHKEEPER in you.

An EARTHKEEPER for me is someone who sustains the attunement with the Earth Spirit through a pure connection with Nature, and radiates this frequency through their Art and presence in the areas where people lost touch with it. EARTHKEEPERS are living inspirations of our human potential when living and working in co-creation with Nature.


MIndful Photography Workshops

Mindful Photography - capturing the magic of living in attunement with the Spirit of Mother Nature! ©

Can you imagine how your life can change when you are fully attuned to the Spirit of Nature?
This is something we cannot find anywhere in our city life! We have to go out there into the primal nature of our planet to find it and take it back home with us, for us to cherish for the rest of our lives!


Experience seeing your ordinary life with fresh eyes. So that not just your pictures, but your entire life becomes EXTRAORDINARY!

I offer special retreats and workshops which help enhance your vision and photography skills and refresh your perception. Getting you in touch with the beauty that is all around us inspired by nature. Learn the power of observation and how to use your camera as a powerful vehicle to self-realization and mastery. Certainly a life changing experience of which our planet will be proud.

The workshops, retreats and intensives are tailor made for creative & conscious entrepreneurs and artists. Giving you hands-on experience including in-field training in mindful photography and everything needed to fully attune with the Spirit of Nature. I can even help you become a conscious conservation photographer on the long run.

Check out my offers and schedules below and come and join us at fabulous locations across the world!

Introduction Workshop

Introduction workshop in Mindful Photography is a low cost but high value first step into Mindful Photography.

Locations: Worldwide natural parks and forests.

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3 Day Intensive Masterclass

A three or more day workshop Intensive in which you dive deep into mindful photography, enhancing your skills, becoming a better photographer. A powerful experience which makes Mindful Photography part of your daily life as a photographer and human being.

Locations: Worldwide natural parks and forests.

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1:1 TUITION and mastery

Private in the field training to dive deep into the technical side of your own camera, mindful photography as a professional nature & culture conservation photographer.

Location: Choose your location.

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When we loose our connection with nature, we loose the most essential part of ourselves. As an artist and guide I fully commit myself to help sustain this connection.

Maurice Spees


Mindful Photography - capturing the magic of living in attunement with the Spirit of Mother Nature! ©

Please note that the works only come alive when printed on high quality paper!

Attuning to the spirit of Nature
Nature dance performance during Vision Exploration Retreat in Menorca 2015

Full length: 37 minutes
"Life is a dance between heaven and earth, the eb and flow of life"
Produced by Moving Films
A collaborative project between two filmmakers: Marieke Helmus & Maurice Spees

WINNER Dutch Eisa Photo Maestro Award 2013-2014  MACRO – series of 5 images.

Dancing Mandala series: Elements

The eyes are the doors of our perception, and the camera is our window.

Maurice Spees

Moving Films

All my photography work is partly inspired by my experience as a cinematographer  and director/ filmmaker and video artist. For more then a decade I have worked on Independent and broadcast Documentaries, Powerful Impressions, Music Video clips, TV-series, Dance and Artistic Films. Growing in my mission as an artist since 2014 Moving Films productions are tailor made for Earth Conscious Entrepreneurs and Artists with a common mission to elevate  Beauty, Art and Consciousness with the impact of Film and Photography.

To learn more about what Moving Films can do for you, go to the international website by clicking on the logo below.


Earth Conscious Productions



Life can never be boring when you're mindful. Every simple thing in life becomes so magically, that you can just bathe in true presence itself every single moment and feel fulfilled.

Maurice Spees

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