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Photographer | Filmmaker | Creative Coach

With both a mindful and intuitive approach to my work I offer my presents and work as a gift to the people that want to receive it. All I ask is your contribution to make it possible for me to continue giving these gifts to people. So that we help each other making dreams come true.

Working around the world to connect people to the natural beauty of ordinary life with the art of film & photography, to help maintain beauty, harmony and balance. I facilitate workshops in Mindful Photography, Mindful Street Photography, Authentic Movement and creative development.

Maurice Spees was born in Belgium in 1975, and grew up in the Netherlands. After leaving the Netherlands in 2003, he spend 7 years traveling and working around (SE) Asia. Where he recognized the resemblances of his intrinsic state of being as a child with Buddhism, so he decided to continue the same path. His mindful lifestyle and work as a freelance camera/journalist for international television inspired him into Mindful Photography – merging his intuition with photography and film-making. To read his entire story, visit his blog.

All I do is express my love for the world through my work.”



Some of the clients I work(ed) with as a freelance Camera/Journalist or filmmaker (camera/director):


Dreams come true when we wake up in them!

Maurice Spees

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