To get directly to the point, as an artist and communication expert, I am here to offer three levels of guiding support to the online and worldwide community, to help simplify our lives. 

  1. I travel the world as an inspirational speaker (on invitation) to spread the Earthkeepers message. This makes me able to promote and find investors in the Earthkeepers foundation and two short documentary films, as the first steps to the feature film: Liberate.
  2. To make this possible, I love to help coaches, trainers, practitioners and facilitators to shine and spread their light into the world online. To reach their tribe or community with “divine level” Photography or Video Production sessions (in combination with guiding communication advice, and an optional one-page website.) Shot in breathtaking locations in Ibiza or where ever you want to shine. With an added bonus to co-create an Earthkeepers retreat with me. So you do not only invest in yourself, you invest in Earthkeepers and your community at the same time.

    I dedicate my heart and soul to bring out the best in people; to become the inspiration the world needs today!

  3. Next to that I facilitate Earthkeepers tailor-made nature connection and Sacred vision retreats across the world on invitation, with minimal 6 people.Elevating the human experience through close encounters with nature’s intelligence.
    Revealing our
     answers to life.

Anyone who would love to co-create with me in these three levels of support, you are more then welcome to contact me directly.

More about the Earthkeepers and the retreats here:

Enlighten your purpose on the path of liberation.










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“We are living in an instant liberation, stretched in time.” – Maurice Spees

May you awaken to the mystery of being here and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence.
May you have the joy and peace in the temple of your senses. John O’Donohue































Spending enough alone time in primal nature can give you the direct experience needed to fully embody the expression of your Soul. This is your call!!

Earthkeepers - journey into your essence

The Artist




Visionary EARTHKEEPER guide and trailer - film and photography as a healing art to liberate the Spirit

People come to me when they want to capture their Spirit or want to meet their inner shaman, their inner guru, their inner bodhisattva,  grounded in love and without the labels attached.

MY LIFE MISSION is to guide people into seeing the world from their unique perspective, the perspective of Spirit. To see the big picture and ripen their inner wisdom. From where their whole life contribution can unfold naturally, into their gift back to the world. By facilitating co-creative platforms of direct experience. Platforms that in itself are a giant step of the stairway up. That help people get in touch with and attuned with nature and  in their meet their higher nature. We open up our hearts to help our Spirit liberate oneself! 

Using a combination of vision quests, creative visioning, ceremonies, exploration, movement, meditation, chi, creative development, photography and performance art as a powerful vehicle to develop a pure relation with Spirit that can bring out the best in you.

*Spirit for me is the Sacred Spirit of the Earth that is also instilled in you and asks us to be liberated. That gives us access to the infinite source of potential and helps us step out of karma and into dharma. With my work I merge my Buddhist perspective with my relation with nature and the Earth Spirit.

Do you want to spend quality time with me in person, then choose what suits your journey:

Maurice Spees (1975) is an award winning (self-made) wildlife, nature & culture conservation photographer and film artist. He uses film and photography in combination with intuitive communication with nature and meditation as a healing art to liberate the Spirit. Nowadays he is a sought after intuitive, visionary,- and nature guide, who through mastering his vision enjoys guiding people into their innate essence (Source/Spirit), as an artist and spiritual guide in nature.

If you have trouble understanding what Spirit is, you can read it as nature’s or the earth’s intelligence, and self-healing mechanism of the planet, Mother Nature, and with this our inner true nature, the part in us that is asking to be liberated.

“My employer is Mother Earth. I work in co-creation with nature and in attunement with the Sacred Spirit of the Earth.” – Maurice Spees

As a founding chief of the Earthkeepers tribe he brings together kindred spirits from around the world with a common vision and mission. To experience pure co-creating in synarchy as a reflection of nature. And to embody the love for all living creation as a collective group of caretakers of our beloved planet. All well aware of the wisdom that is available to us all, when we learn to witness, recognise and embody the Spirit (the earth’s intelligence) again. So that together we can take the world to the next level. 

Maurice has been working around the globe for over a decade; as a filmmaker and photographer he was always drawn to his heart mission to live and work within a profound connection with nature. Through this connection he was inspired to dedicate his visual work to capturing and elevating the Spirit of life. Instilling beauty and magic into the hearts of many, which can help make us realise our true nature. Maurice has always been drawn to the depths of nature, and has lived on his own in remote areas in primal nature for long periods of his life. From rainforests, islands, mountain areas to wild oceans, where he found his home and heart. With his profound sense of nature’s intelligence and our ability to commune and communicate with her, he developed a knack as a nature-based coach and nature connection facilitator; with the intention to re-connect man and nature, playing a harmonious symphony together, in tune with nature. 

His work is an invitation to attune ourselves with nature where we can develop a pure relation with Spirit (nature’s intelligence and self healing mechanism) to brings out our essence. Tapping into the potent gift we all carry within, as caretakers of our planet; to purify oneself, so that our Spirit can take over. To help maintain the beauty, harmony and balance that is naturally present in nature and within the depths of our being.

Spreading his love for and connection with nature and her intelligence and her beauty he brings a wealth of experience to people across the world.  

Mindful Photography is one of his vehicles, inspired by nature’s intelligence, with which Maurice connects people with the Spirit and magic present all around us. Using our camera as a mirror for our Soul, expressing our own nature. Mindful Photography is a beautiful tool that is able to connect and engage us with the natural beauty of our ordinary life. Where ever you are.

From 2007 onwards I facilitated workshops in a variety of subject; intuitive development, authentic movement, group experiments, filmmaking and mindful photography for groups of professionals, leaders and students. Throughout my life I have been guiding, coaching and advising creative people and projects from all walks of life. The essence and juice of this experience I brought together into the ever-growing Earthkeepers gatherings, circles and retreats. I facilitate in the Balearic Islands and SE-Asia today. In 2017 I became aware of that there is a title to the work I do, which is ecopsychologist. And so I dedicate my spare time to research and embody this work entirely. It is a great combination with Film and photography and is highly needed in our world today. 

All I do is express my love for the world through my work.”


Founding chief and member of the EARTHKEEPERS tribe and foundation.


Selection of clients I have worked with as a freelance Camera/Journalist, creative guide and filmmaker (camera/director):

Dreams come true when we wake up in them!

Maurice Spees


Mindful Photography - capturing the magic of living in attunement with the Spirit of Mother Nature! ©

Please note that the works only come alive when printed on high quality paper!

Borneo Rainforest, Malaysia, Kalimantan, Indonesia & Brunei.

Borneo Rainforest, , Kalimantan, Indonesia

Attuning to the spirit of Nature
Nature dance performance during Vision Exploration Retreat in Menorca 2015

Short 37 minutes Nature Dance film trailer

WINNER Dutch Eisa Photo Maestro Award 2013-2014

Mindful Architecture

Dancing Mandala series: Elements

The eyes are the doors of our perception, and the camera is our window.

Maurice Spees


Mindful Photography workshop

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Mindful Photography – See the world in a new light, then learn to capture and be this light. 

From Seeing to capturing to being.

Experience seeing your ordinary life with fresh eyes. So that not just your pictures, but your entire life becomes EXTRAORDINARY!

I offer special retreats and workshops which help enhance your vision and photography skills and refresh your perception. Getting you not just in touch and close with the beauty that is all around us, you learn to build a relationship with this beauty, so that it opens up for you to capture it. You will learn all the tricks how to get close to nature and how to have nature come close to you. Learn the power of observation and how to use your camera as a powerful vehicle to self-realization and mastery. Certainly a life changing experience that enhances our perspective. 

The workshops, retreats and intensives are tailor made for creative & conscious entrepreneurs and artists. Giving you hands-on experience including in-field training in mindful photography and everything needed to fully attune with the Spirit of Nature.
I can even help you become a conscious conservation photographer on the long run.

Check out my schedules below and come and join us at breathtaking locations across the world!

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