Finetune your life and align to your soul



Finetune your life and align to your soul



I just wish wish wish you to know this, then we are on the same page and we can continue to work together. 

How often have you heard this: that everything that truly defines you already resides within you. This also means all the wisdom you need to bring that out to the world. In todays crazy world we can not emphasise this enough! The source of inner knowing that you are gifted with is all the information you will ever need to be who you came here to be. Life is not where you need to achieve something or become something, it’s all about revealing what you already are, all that already resides within you at the moment you are born, the core of your being. And that is exactly where my entire life is all about. All the work I bring has been revealed to me in the exact same way, all of it is a mirror for the soul. It all came effortless to me, as simple as that. A mirror for the soul that only asks to partake in the beauty of creation by being the presence of being and nothing more or less. If this scares you then please close this site and maybe come back later. If this intrigues you, then let us shake hands and see how far our creativity can take us… 


 Celebrate your life as a gift that serves the world


These are the three areas in my life in which I offer myself as an instrument to play out my gift. During my explorations in nature, while living in Menorca I was called by mother nature to found the Earthkeepers foundation. To initiate people into their true nature and to build a support family, so that everyone else too is able to bring out the gifts the have been given.


Ask yourself:

Why waste any more time on not living your highest calling or life mission?

What would your life be like when you stop giving your power away and truly align yourself to what it is your soul came to do here?

What are your soul’s inherent gifts and how can your connection with nature help you orchestrate a fulfilling life in accordance with that?

Nature is a perfect symphony in which every one of us is a perfect instrument designed to play their unique tune. I help you uncover what that is.

As an instrument, I guide you into the landscape of your soul, so that you remember what you are born to do here. 

Book a free 20min discovery call with me, which is your first step to reveal the song of your soul.

Visual Alchemy is a true gift to yourself if you want to finetune your life and align with your soul. 

Before the Visual Alchemy session with Maurice, I have found myself with a lot of ideas about the things I want to create and yet all of them were tinted with self-doubt. 
I would go from the excitement of expansion to losing trust in the vision I had
While being with Maurice I felt the purity and kindness of his spirit. His voice and message to me were clear, gentle, and yet penetrative. He spoke with such certainty and calm knowing that it melted away all my resistance and I felt seen on a soul level like I never had before. This confirmation of my deepest parts created such a relief in my being that I still feel the impact of it. I feel the confidence and trust that I always lacked and the next steps of what I actually need to do practically in order to embody this Bigger Me are being revealed to me effortlesslyI feel in alignment with myself, in tune with the greater symphony. This feeling is priceless.
Kasia Patzelt

Embodiment Coach

EARTHKEEPERS platform – align the way we do business in symphony with nature

Earthkeepers is a calling from mother nature, to honour the nature of all things and her symphony that calls us into alignment with our soul.
Especially when we run a business this becomes our way to honour our place on earth through which we partake in the sacredness and beauty of life. Followed by the joy it brings when we help each other excel in doing business in symphony with nature. Together we initiate children and adults to their true nature and help them excel in their creative endeavours, as embodied Earthkeepers.

Mooi Mens … I describe the energy that may flow through you as pure, abundance, essence and that puts me and everyone who can receive it in the true potential.
One day of talking, sharing, exchanging with you in your cool camper and during a walk in nature helped me to make all my saboteurs visible and embracing them in softness. That just happens and I am very happy with that. It sometimes feels intense but I am ready for it.
With your energy you can help people to transform conditionings into space for light, with me that is going on, I feel more and more going to light and dissolving. Thank you … this beautiful process is not yet ready but the gift is big. I will continue to share it with you because you can also see for yourself how special your energy is and touches.

Vanassa Leon

Vocal Intuitive Coach

“Before I did a session with Maurice I was not sure what I am really here for. Maurice is the first person my system actually believed and with who it all landed and just clicked in my system. It’s like magic. I found within myself a direction of Truth that came through his words. As if he represented my higher self. And helped me understand and tune to my part in the bigger picture of life. Next to that, he gave me access to how to tune my voice to the symphony so that I can tab into my manifesting power and self-healing abilities.” 

Mary Corazzari

Massage and



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