Embody and shine your essence


Nature as your guide and partner in life


What are the ingredients you need to help you thrive in connection with nature and source?

Do you feel there is something lacking in your life? Are you completely honest with yourself and in alignment with what the world provides you? Do you want to get in touch with the nurturing, support and resources you need to become a conscious player in the world? Be a living example that is truly making an impact? What is your personal contribution to the new earth that we are co-creating together?

I help you integrate your Spirit in your life. Fulfilling your life with purpose, by following the Earthkeepers path as our true role in nature.

  • You have strong connection with Source.
  • And are aware of all the things that separate you from Source and your true calling.
  • You thrive by helping others thrive.
  • You follow the excitement of your inner child, who was born in alignment with source.
  • You have access to your inner wisdom, that helps you to truly live and embody your gift, essence.
  • You live a simplified life where you are one with the expression of the beauty of creation.
  • Your presence does all the work to bring more and more love into the world. Love being the connective juice between all of life.

With the gift of foresight and intuitive communication with nature’s intelligence; Maurice guides individuals into the direct experience needed to fully become the embodied presence of their life purpose, the integration of spirit. All actions taken in co-creation with nature and in alignment with Source (earth). You know when I am the right guide for you, because you have already decided.


Short story about the Earthkeepers path

” Do you want to change your life completely, and live in value, honour and respect to the spirit of your human potential, that brings your soul purpose to life? Do you want to align your life so that heaven on earth can unfold from within you? And do you need guidance along the way? Then Maurice is your guide.”

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