Maurice Spees

Maurice Spees

Founder of Earthkeepers | Visual Alchemist and Mentor

Working as a travelling and nature-based documentary filmmaker and conservationist photographer for over decades, my service orientation transformed into a drive to guide people into a strong relationship with nature and their inner nature (as one). This has led to the life-project and calling: Earthkeepers, with a big art. Our life as a work of art. With the Earthkeepers experience I help and guide people and companies to master the art of becoming part of the symphony that is nature. Taking everything into the equation to embrace the wholeness of our (well-)being. 

With Earthkeepers I provide a platform of direct experience, providing simple guidelines through which you learn to build a strong relationship with your inner and outer biosphere (as one), which helps you integrate all the gifts that you have been given into an embodied wholeness.

Maurice gives people the necessary healing ingredients to retune their life(style) to the symphony that is Nature. His life mission is to guide and help people become part of the gift of life. A life where we integrate the wholeness of our being as an essential part of the world.

Maurice facilitates co-creative platforms, hands-on experiences, visionair filmmaking, mindful photography, eco-psychology, and life coaching to help individuals and groups expand their perspectives, ripen intuition and inner wisdom, connect with life purpose and recognise themselves as caretakers of our planet. He facilitates talks, programs and Earthkeepers sacred vision awakening retreats in Europe. 

The Earthkeepers project

With the Earthkeepers project, we explore the conditions under which our true human potential gets actualised when living and working in communion and close-connection with nature’s intelligence. And as a result, the profound impact we can have on the well-being of our planet, which results in the well-being of our society.

Together as Earthkeepers we follow our common vision where we shape a synarchic community of individuals, all ready to be an example for the world, by coming to terms with their true essential contribution to the Earth, played out on our market.

Welcome to the Earthkeepers.