Maurice Spees

Maurice Spees

Transformation Life Coach, Speaker and Facilitator | Filmmaking Photographer

As a spiritual counselor, speaker and transformational life coach, I use film and photography as a healing art to liberate our Spirit by bringing the power of sacredness back into our lives. I feel called from within to guide people into actualising our true human potential, into a simple but profoundly exciting lifestyle, embracing the Sacredness of life and living in tune with nature.

MY LIFE GIFT is to guide people into seeing the world with new eyes. The eyes of the Spirit of the inner child. To see and witness the big picture, to ripen their inner wisdom, and give space to their Spirit to integrate and embody itself. So that also their whole life contribution can unfold naturally from within the heart of their being.
By facilitating the Earthkeepers platform of transformation and sacred vision retreats. Guiding people into the direct experience to get in touch with and attuned with nature and the nature of their true Spirit within. Opening up our hearts by becoming a work of art, to help our Spirit liberate oneself.

“We open up our hearts in presence so that the Spirit can be set free in expression.”

People come to me when they truly ask for guidance in bringing out their creative gift, inspiring their own wisdom and inner voice. People who feel they do not need a teacher or guru, but want to create space to tab into their own vast source of wisdom. Stepping in their essence and giving way to their Spirit to creatively express themselves.  Be ready to align with your inner child, to meet your inner shaman, inner guru or inner bodhisattva, grounded in love without the labels attached.

My employer is Mother Earth. I work in co-creation with nature and in attunement with the Sacred Spirit of the Earth. – Maurice Spees


Visionary founder of the Earthkeepers foundation and platform. Earthkeepers is a co-creative platform of transformation leading to the healing impact of innovation. This platform is meant as a giant step of the stairway up. – Maurice Spees

As a Transformational Life Coach, I serve the healing ingredients that can help you tune your life(style) to the symphony of nature. In which you play your own instrument (your body) in tune with source, so that everything you create reconnects and inspires us to our true and essential role, as an individual as part of humanity. Wow, yes you are truly that beautiful part. You are the missing link between the world we live in and the one that is ready to unfold from within all of us.

Facilitating transformational (life-changing) explorations and retreat that help align our mind, psyche and body to our innate human potential, the essence of our being, that asks to be actualised in the world right now. Where we become part of the expression of the beauty of creation. Witnessing, sensing and then embracing our innate quintessence.

My life and contribution is about seeing that our ecological and spiritual growth are one and the same thing, they are interrelated and on earth even co-dependent on one and another. The state of the earth is a beautiful mirror of where we are on a Spiritual level collectively. How far have we integrated Spirit in our lives, and especially within our bodies? With this wisdom in place I am here to guide you into the experience of the healthy impact that your life can have on ourselves and the world, when we do everything in co-creation and in communion with nature, and with the tribe she brings together as one.

As an inspirational speaker, on invitation I share the Earthkeeper’s calling with people and companies around the globe. Which means implementing a framework that follows clear universal ideas and values, that are not just life changing, but potentially world changing. A framework that provides the space to help transform the way we function in our world. It all depends on how we deal with this calling. The earthkeepers path is intended to help simplify our lives, and to bring us closer and closer to our origin, from where the term Earthkeeper stems, from the purity and innocence, where our human potential unfolds in the role we take in connection with all that is.

Together we are the the key to the liberation of all living creation from the imprisonment of the mind in separation.  

As a Visionary Earthkeeper, I merge my experience in Filmmaking and Photography and my pedagogic background with Ecopsychology and life coaching/ counseling. To help elevate individuals and groups into their true life purpose, fully emanating their Spirit as natural caretakers of our planet. By getting people in touch with the Earth’s intelligence as a reflection of their own inner wisdom.
With the gift of foresight and intuitive communication with nature’s intelligence; I guide individuals into the direct experience needed to fully step into the embodied presence of their unique contribution, their presence of Spirit as part of the whole. Bridging our city lives with nature.

Facilitating EARTHKEEPERS Sacred Vision retreats in Europe, Asia and where most needed.
Combining Ecopsychology with life-art (levenskunst) for people who want to experience the essential impact communion with the Earth’s intelligence has on our well-being, to help integrate our true contribution to the earth as one.

“Elevating the human experience through close encounters with nature’s intelligence.”

With the Earthkeepers platform we explore the conditions under which our true individual and group potential becomes actualised, when living and working in communion and close-connection with the Earth’s intelligence. And as a result the profound impact we can have on the well-being of our planet, as opposed to our destructive behaviour.