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Sacred Sound Healing Alchemist | Founder of Earthkeepers

“My life has been a journey of developing the signature of my artistic expression. First, my visual art which later became more embodied in the multidimensional signature of my voice.”

My story

Growing up in Holland I very early on got disillusioned with our way of life as I became a maths teacher and had to put my inner artist (and with that my soul’s longing) on a sidetrack.

After realising that the system can only change when we change from within, my life became more about life experience than study or work and I started traveling.

I lived in Thailand for seven years, then in Malaysia, finding my way as a freelance filmmaker. I merged my love for nature with the Buddhist lifestyle. I spent quality time in Vipassana meditation temples and in solitude in the rainforests of Borneo, which I can now easily call my home.

Then I spent a year sailing around the Atlantic. My love for the sea called me to live on the Balearic islands: Menorca and Ibiza.

All along this journey, I knew I was developing that one thing, that I could call my life purpose. I knew I wanted to bring more beauty into the world, and help others see the Divine that I saw in all of nature and life. I became my own man, just following my heart’s creative flow. For over two decades I explored the world through traveling while being self-employed. By learning to embrace the ebbs and flows of financial security and self-development I learned to trust life’s grace.

I worked as an independent photographer, (see my gallery for my work) filmmaker, became an ecstatic dance DJ in 2015, and I founded the Earthkeepers foundation from a longing to build a community of genuine support.

But only a few years ago when I truly experienced myself as an instrument of the Divine (through the profound healing capacity of my voice), did I feel, yes, this is what I came here to do. And a large amount of private and group ceremonies over the years initiated me into the  space holding Voice Alchemist I am inspired to be today.

It’s my intrinsic nature to assist people in their personal growth, to bring out the hidden greatness in them. To help others to recognise their own deep self-healing power, their connection to nature and the earth, and to help them attune back to the Sacred, without giving their power away to others.
Which is the right and longing of all of us.

Now as I’m called to serve as one of nature’s living tuning forks, I devote my life to being an instrument of nature. Working with sound and vision on a multi-dimensional level, I help reveal the holistic presence of the Divine Power inherent in us all. The nature of Love is called innocence. And I guide people to embrace what it takes to fully embody that taking a leap in time. 

My inner motive is driven by the need to help build healthy thriving communities that live in symphony with nature, orchestrated by the divinity in our hearts.

I am a man working with the spirit of nature on a mission, to restore the sacredness and beauty in our lives. And what it truly means to be a human being on earth today.

Like many others, I was called by mother nature to dedicate my life to initiate people into the golden frequency in their hearts. Which is a true honour and gift, following my heart’s drive to restore the Sacred.”

It’s where the primordial meets the Divine
what make things Sacred.

My life made a drastic change when I met the Divine in the jungle and mother nature became my beloved, overflowing my heart with her love to go out and spread this love around the world,
this is our nature.


The pillars that have shaped my life and deepened my Spirit
start with where my love for primordial nature and my work as a visual artist; mindful photography and filmmaking meet, which has brought me to the most beautiful places on earth.
Giving me access to a life of exploring the Sacred through:

Deep jungles of SE-Asia and Borneo,
Vipassana meditation,
Buddhist lifestyle and temples,
Vision quests,
Ocean sailing adventures,
Thai massage, 

Energy awareness and embodiment,
Shamanic and multidimensional voice work,
Sounding and coaching,
Authentic Movement,
Ecstatic Dance,
Facilitating 1:1 and group ceremonies and retreats for over a decade,
Circling work and Heart IQ,
Community living,
building tribes,
and Golden plant medicine, the red pill. 
Today these form the tools and structures I work with(in) to assist others in tuning and reconnecting to their golden frequency of the heart and restore the sacred in their life. 

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