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The Shamanic Voice Alchemist Bridging Nature, Spirit, and Humanity

“I’m a man on a heartfelt mission to help people reconnect with the pure and sacred aspects of themselves and the world around them. Entrusted with the role of a guide, it’s in sacred settings that I find the voice of the Divine comes through me, allowing us to unveil the innocent, pure parts of ourselves—those untouched by life’s toxicities. It’s this innocence that holds the key to our inner strength and beauty, defining what it means to be truly human.

Informed by nature’s wisdom, I consider it a profound honour to assist others on their transformative paths, aiding in the reclamation of their innate connections and capabilities. Together, we work to reinvigorate the sacred in our lives.”



Shamanic Voice Healing Alchemist | Ceremonial Guide | Founder of Intunity

Every photo and video on this site captures facets of my spiritual journey and are crafted by nature showing herself through me and are all a beautiful representation of the sacred beauty in our lives.”

 The Awakening of an Inner Artist in a Traditional World

I was born in Belgium and grew up in the Netherlands, embarking on a conventional career path as a math teacher. However, the system’s limitations left me yearning for more, pushing me to listen to the inner artist that had been sidelined. I realised that to change the world, I had to first transform myself. Thus, I chose a life of tangible direct experiences over textbooks.


A Spiritual Odyssey Across Continents

For two decades, I traversed landscapes as varied as Thailand, Malaysia, Menorca, and Ibiza, capturing my evolving understanding of human potential through freelance filmmaking and photography and deep-dive nature retreats. This period was less about a physical journey and more about an exploration into the depths of my own spirit.


Nurturing Innocence while Finding my Path

From my earliest memories, nature has been always been my sanctuary but also an escape, the only place where I felt fully seen and accepted as a child. It was in these untouched landscapes that I first encountered the Divine, an experience so profound that it became a constant thread in my life’s tapestry. This connection deepened as I ventured into more primal landscapes, unlocking the raw, primal aspects of myself. During a transformative three-month Vipassana retreat, this bond with nature was intensified, helping to solidify my mindfulness practice and engagement into a Buddhist lifestyle. The experience served as a haven for the innocence of my inner child, rekindling a sense of pure awareness that not only inspired my venture into mindful photography but also became a way to communicate my encounters with the Spirit in all things.

My life’s work springs from this well of vulnerability and innocence, yet is steered by emotional maturity, enabling me to share my gifts responsibly with the world. While the monastic life provided invaluable insights, it was too isolated for my ambitions. I yearned for a life deeply embedded in its complexities, leading me to transition to a role of active guidance and empowerment, forever rooted in the intricate tapestry of human experience.


Nature as a Spiritual Teacher

From the dense, whispering jungles of Borneo to the open, dancing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, my soul found novel ways to commune with Earth’s wisdom. These experiences deepened my spiritual insights, teaching me to harmonise with both the grounded Earth and the boundless ocean.


Becoming an Instrument of the Divine

For many decades, I had been quietly cultivating my voice, initially only allowing it to emerge in the most sacred and private settings and in nature’s sanctuaries. The sensitivity of the work I’m called to do necessitated such seclusion; my voice could only fully manifest when the setting was imbued with the sacred, ensuring a safe space for such vulnerability. It was during these solitary times in nature that I realised my true role: I was an instrument of the Divine. This wasn’t a ‘calling’ in the traditional sense; rather, my symbiotic relationship with Earth’s intelligence had shaped me into a conduit for the planet’s healing energies.

Over the last four years, this has started to change. As my practice matured and I gained confidence in my purpose, I found that my voice could be a source of empowerment and transformation in broader contexts, still rooted in the sacred but now more accessible to others.


A Mission of Empowerment and Attunement

Today, my mission transcends mere guidance. I aim to empower others to become active participants in their own spiritual journeys. My focus is on attunement—helping individuals resonate with the Sacred without relinquishing their power. Driven by a love for community building, my vision is of a world where individuals live in harmony with nature and each other, guided by the love and divinity that resides in all of us.

“I invite you to join me on this incredible journey where we become not just observers but active participants in the radiant symphony of life.”


“My artistic journey began with capturing the world through visual art—the yang aspect of my creativity. Over time, I’ve transcended this form, transforming these visuals into the resonant, multidimensional soundscapes of my voice—the yin that completes me. In doing so, I’ve created a unique, holistic signature that unites both visual and auditory art forms.” 

Maurice Spees

Foundation of My Practice:


Journey to the Sacred:

From the unfathomable jungles of Southeast Asia and Borneo to oceanic voyages and vision quests, my life has always been a grand adventure. Add a sprinkle of Eastern mysticism through Vipassana meditation and Buddhist temple sojourns, balanced by the ancient wisdom of Chi-gong and Thai massage. Fold in the transformative energies of breathwork, shamanic voice work, and plant medicine. Season it all with communal living, circling work, and a deep dive into Authentic Movement and Ecstatic Dance.

This colourful tapestry serves as the dynamic bedrock for helping others unlock their heart’s golden frequency and reclaim the sacred in their lives.

“Every photo and video on this site captures facets of my spiritual journey and are crafted by nature showing herself through me and are all a beautiful representation of the sacred in our lives.”

“From the jungles of Borneo to the waves of the Atlantic, nature has been my most profound spiritual teacher.”

The Journey Within:
A Personal Note from Maurice

From the very beginning of my life, I’ve always felt an innate connection to energies and realms beyond the physical. I was born with a heightened sensitivity that led me to naturally act as a guide for others—even souls transitioning to the afterlife. My psychic abilities manifested early, allowing me glimpses into multidimensional facets of existence, and granting me visions and sounds that were both insightful and profound.

A traumatic birth experience gave me the ability to easily shift out of my body, a mechanism for self-preservation that eventually evolved into a way to help others. During my dreamtime as a child, my soul ventured out to assist those who were trapped between realms, guiding them toward peace and resolution. I’ve carried this gift with me, albeit transformed and matured, into my adult life. I fully incarnated with the help of my own voice, and that is where I started to develop the alchemical properties of the voice and sound.

My spiritual journeys have taken me to places of awe-inspiring natural beauty, where unspoiled primal energies have instilled in me a deep reservoir of power that I channel through my voice. These energies range from the ancient druidic and Celtic traditions to the primal forces embodied by power animals. This tapestry of sound is backed by the Divine, allowing me to open doors for those who are spiritually or emotionally stuck.

I’ve witnessed the disconnect many people have with their bodies—a disconnect so profound, some are virtually ‘dead’ to their own physicality. My mission is to restore that connection. Whether it’s helping people fully incarnate into their bodies or even assisting souls in transitioning to the afterlife, my focus is to move you through the resistance that prevents you from fully embracing life—or death.

In my work, I hold a non-dualistic space. I neither move towards extreme light nor dark; instead, I balance these energies in my centre, allowing the spine to become an instrument of the Divine. It’s not about worshiping external entities, or giving your power away, but instead to restore all your innate power by recognising the Divinity that exists within us all.

Let’s go on this transformative journey together. Let’s go deeper.

“In finding a balance between the dark and light energies, I aim to turn my inner core into a conduit for higher spiritual power. This transformation not only affects me but also serves as a mirror, reflecting the divine potential that exists in everyone.”

Born as a twin:

Unique from birth, I arrived in this world as a single-egg identical twin—an extraordinary circumstance that has profoundly shaped my understanding of individual purpose and soul’s mission. This experience has taught me much about the dual nature of existence: unity and individuality, sameness and difference. As twins, we shared a womb, DNA, and, in many ways, a single life force. Yet, from an early age, it was evident that we were two unique souls with distinct destinies to fulfill. This understanding deepened my inquiry into what each individual soul is here to accomplish.

Just as each note in a chord holds its unique frequency yet contributes to a greater harmony, my experience as a twin has informed the way I approach sound healing and voice alchemy. We are all part of a larger symphony, and yet each of us carries a unique note—a specific energy or mission—that only we can express.

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