About Maurice Spees


Conduit of Voice Alchemy and EntheoSonic® Healing

In the grand symphony of life, each of us carries a unique note that echoes the universe’s boundless creativity. My deep understanding of this harmony propelled me into my role as a Shamanic Voice Alchemist, where I guide individuals through transformative experiences. These experiences transcend ego and duality, fostering a sacred communion with the soul, the divine within. My path of discovery and evolution is driven by a profound dedication to helping individuals connect with their sacred inner being- their soul in relation to spirit and the earth. This connection aims to unlock their highest potential and embrace the flow of life, allowing them to fully express the unique melody they bring to the world’s chorus.

Mission Statement: Awakening the Sacred Within

My mission extends beyond the realm of healing; it’s an invitation to rekindle the sacred essence that pervades all of life, affirming our profound connection with everything that exists. Central to this journey is recognising and harmonising the distortions within our consciousness. Through the practice of voice alchemy and the profound experiences offered by EntheoSonic® Journeys, we aim to merge the physical and spiritual, cultivating a state of holistic harmony. My dedication lies in awakening a deeper consciousness within you, empowering you to align your life with the natural rhythms of the universe and nurture a state of inner peace. This path is about unlocking our collective potential to live in harmony with the divine flow of existence.

Born in Belgium and raised in the Netherlands, my early life took a conventional route towards becoming a math teacher, dictated more by societal expectations than by my inner desires. Nature was my sanctuary, where my vivid imagination and creative spirit thrived. From an early age, my deep engagement with drawing, creating videos, and recording self-made sounds laid the groundwork for my path. Traveling broadened my perspectives beyond academia, leading me to embrace my true calling as an artist and creator, exploring human expression and our connection with the universe.

From a young age, a traumatic birth experience kept the doorway to the realms before birth and after death open, granting me insights into the continuum of existence. This connection deepened through my experiences and was pivotal in cultivating my voice, not just as a tool for communication, but as a bridge integrating all aspects of my being. My voice allowed me to live vibrantly and maintain a deep connection with spiritual dimensions.

My journeys- from the tranquil landscapes of Thailand and Malaysia to the vibrant cultures of Menorca and Ibiza, and the pristine jungles of Borneo- to the vast Atlantic ocean, morphed into profound spiritual quests. These travels, armed with my camera, involved deep dives into freelance filmmaking, photography, and nature retreats, each step enhancing my understanding of the human spirit that I later expressed through my voice. A pivotal three-month Vipassana retreat as a Buddhist monk deepened my mindfulness, influencing my work in mindful photography and an even deeper relationship with the spirit in all things.


“I invite you to join me on this incredible journey where we become not just observers but active participants in the radiant symphony of life.”


Maurice crafted a beautiful ritual that provided us clarity on a major life decision. His guidance was invaluable both during and after the ceremony.


CEO, Netherlands

Maurice stands out among shamans; his loving, selfless way of holding space made for a profound healing experience.



Maurice’s ceremony was a life-changing experience, blending love and wisdom to connect me with my inner divine.

Sarah Rafeh


The ceremony with Maurice was transformative; his intuition and guidance made me feel like a new person. Can’t wait for the next one!



Maurice is a born healer. His connection to the medicine and the light he brings into the space is extraordinary.



Maurice’s ceremony was divine. His voice took me to another dimension, making me feel both safe and loved.



A rebirth, shedding fears and embracing my soul’s gifts, all in a loving environment. Thank you, Maurice and Kassia.



The Voice Alchemy Intensive is a deep dive into self-realisation. It’s enlightening, whether you’re new to this or not.

Renata Vieira


Maurice’s beautiful voice transforms the ceremony into a healing experience. Highly recommended.


Rita Salame


Maurice’s Voice Alchemy retreat helped me overcome shyness and connect with my voice. For the first time, I truly felt the element of air.


Paule El Hage


Maurice’s guided ceremony was empowering, helping me release deeply-rooted trauma through his unique sound healing.



Maurice’s constant presence creates a safe space for healing. He helps people connect to their own divine voice.



The retreat was a personal rebirth. It was soul medicine and I feel connected with a magical tribe.



Maurice’s voice lifts us, helping us embrace fears and embark on a fulfilling life journey.



The ceremony taught me to connect with my emotions and body energy. It was a liberating experience.



With Maurice, life becomes a conscious choice. His voice brought authenticity and safety into my life.



The journey provided a shift in perception, making me feel empowered and whole. It was an experience of awakening to my truth.



The weekend retreat led by Maurice brought me closer to my body and helped me make better life choices. Deeply transformative.



A magical, empowering ceremony that affirmed I’m on the right path. Felt held by Maurice’s strong, compassionate space.



The ceremony awakened me from a soul-deep sleep, making me feel more alive and lighter than ever.



The ceremony with Maurice was transformational, his beautiful voice brings in the divine and healing happens!

Rita Salame


“From the jungles of Borneo to the waves of the Atlantic, nature has been my most profound spiritual teacher.”

“My artistic journey started with capturing the world visually, the yang of my creativity. Over time, I’ve transformed these visuals or light-spectrum into the resonant, multidimensional soundscapes of my voice- the yin aspect that completes me.
This evolution has crafted a unique, holistic signature that blends visual and auditory art forms.”

Maurice Spees

Nature as my Spiritual Teacher

The grand canopies of Borneo’s jungles and the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean taught me to harmonise with Earth’s rhythms, providing lessons in both grounding and transcendence. These lessons were integral in developing my ability to channel Earth’s healing energies. Over the years, I cultivated my voice in the solitude of nature’s embrace, transforming it into a powerful tool for intimate healing work and ultimately, fully integrating it as a divine instrument.

Mission of Empowerment

Now, my mission transcends personal guidance. Motivated by a vision of global harmony, I strive to empower individuals to embark on their spiritual journeys, attuning to the sacred and embracing their inherent power. My life’s journey from the confines of a traditional career to limitless spiritual exploration exemplifies the power of listening to one’s inner voice and committing to profound, meaningful change. Through connecting deeply with the natural world and the communities I encounter, I inspire others to join in this transformative exploration, contributing to a world that resonates in harmony with the universe.

In my journey of harmonising the shadow and the light, I turn inward to my core, aligning with the natural flow of higher spiritual energies. This profound transformation reshapes my own existence and acts as a mirror, illuminating the divine potential residing within each of us.

Born as a twin

From the moment of my birth as a single egg identical twin, I’ve been immersed in a life of unique dualities- sharing the same womb, DNA, and, in many ways, life force with my brother. Yet, we have always been two distinct souls with our own paths and purposes. This early experience profoundly shaped my understanding of the interconnectedness and individuality within life. It has informed my practice in sound healing and voice alchemy, illustrating how each of us carries a unique note within the greater symphony of existence, contributing to a harmonious whole while expressing our distinct energies and missions.

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