I realized that as a filmmaker/ photographer I can only focus and concentrate on my work by falling in love with it! Even while I am editing a film or capture a family. The same way does falling in love with the world around you make everything you do and make so beautiful. Beauty is nothing more then an expression of love.
We live in a beautiful world and all I want to do is constantly remind us just that, by making pictures and films that re-present that beauty. To make our world more beautiful and remind us of who we are, we don’t have to do anything else then fall in love with the world, just like a child, how beautiful is that… 😀
And yes there is also a dark side, but that can only be seen in it’s proper light from within, not from the outside.

Mindful Photography is a vehicle that makes you able to step into that love for the world, reflected back to you as a present for being present. 😉

For people who are curious of how photography can reflect back to you, your state of being, reply to this message and I will get back to you.

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