Keep Fridag 30 Augustus free, because this is the day I will give an exclusive workshop in photographing “Birds of prey.” That means: buzzards, different owls, the eagle, and a lot more beautiful hunting birds.

Before you go out and shoot wild birds, you of course need the skills to not miss out on a single shot.
So this workshops is the perfect place to practice and know exactly what you need to do next time you see a wild bird flying ahead. Or any other animal.
The workshops are scehduled to create small groups without any viewers. So it’s an exclusive worshop just for you.

No one will go home without that killer image! So for a compensation of just €115,00 p.p. (or €95,00 for early bird bookings) you not only learn to shoot these birds, but you have the ablity to get as close to these animals as you might ever get!

Birds of Prey Photography Workshops are for beginners and advance photographers.

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