Journey in time and Spees

Some words of insights, contemplations, experiences, exhibitions and revelations to share..


Just a reminder: Our human potential lies far beyond our (man-made) comfort zone! And people who take this leap will be called names like "zweverig, new age, spiritual... or whatever. Next time someone gives anything you do a name, tell them that you of many people...

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Artwork: Sunflower eye

This sunflowereye artwork was made in Thailand during a shoot in Mea Hong Son. A place which I would highly recommend for anyone who likes to feel totally free and take a motorcycling hike. Gosh I miss Thailand.  

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I am in love

I realized that as a filmmaker/ photographer I can only focus and concentrate on my work by falling in love with it! Even while I am editing a film or capture a family. The same way does falling in love with the world around you make everything you do and make so...

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My life mission

My passion and life’s mission is to let people withess and experience the divine nature of things. By being fully present and participatory in it. We don’t need to rely on books full of stories to prove to ourselve what does and doesn’t exist. What is and isn’t...

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