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Journey through Time and Spees
Bringing essence into being

Bringing essence into being

Living in attunement with the Sacred Spirit of the Earth In communion and co-creation with Mother Nature   With a lifetime fascination for Nature Maurice Spees has been drawn to live and play (work) in nature from the moment he started playing...

My life mission

The Essence of Direct Experience: A Journey to Our True Identity My life's work is rooted in a simple but profound mission: to invite people into the sacredness of direct experience, to fully participate in and witness the divine in everyday life. You see, we don't...

The Power of Direct Experience in Shaping Life

My life's purpose revolves around enabling people to fully immerse themselves in the splendor and sanctity of the world around them. By fostering presence and engagement, I guide individuals toward tapping into the boundless well of creativity that exists within and...

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