The Alchemy of Words: The Profound Impact of Boundaries
By Maurice Spees

Ever pondered the significance of the words we use and how they shape our reality? Since 2004, I’ve been incorporating an impactful concept in my workshops—the power of the word ‘Boundary,’ read as ‘Bound-Dary.’

It’s interesting to note that dictionaries, our go-to sources for the meaning of words, seldom mention the meaning of ‘Dary.’ And yet, words deeply influence who we are. So, what does ‘Dary’ mean?

An encompassing term that captures our inherent perfection and qualities. It symbolises a being that is intelligent, pure-hearted, considerate, loving, strong, humble, and so much more. The term defies the limitations of language itself—it is a gift from the heavens.

Understanding the concept of ‘Dary’ takes us on a journey to explore the meaning of ‘Bound,’ and how both these terms converge in forming the concept of ‘Boundary.’

Here are some definitions of ‘Bound’:

– A line or plane marking the limit or extent of something.
– A light, springing movement upwards or forwards.
– To enclose, restrict, or tie down.

Whether we realise it or not, these definitions of ‘Bound’ outline the limitations and possibilities of our existence as ‘Dary,’ as perfect beings.

So what is a ‘Boundary’? It’s the space in which we as ‘Dary’—perfect beings—operate and live. They are not just lines or restrictions; they are also leaping movements towards growth. They mark our limitations and outline our aspirations. They enclose us but also allow us to be free. In essence, ‘Boundaries’ encompass our multi-dimensional nature—securing, limiting, and liberating us all at once.

When we start to see the full meaning behind the concept of ‘Boundary,’ we begin to understand that what binds us is not just a restriction but also a liberating force that recognises our inherent divinity.

I invite you to enjoy this contemplation, this exploration into the power of words and their ability to shape our understanding of ourselves. The knowledge that we are all ‘Boundaries’ brings with it a greater sense of love, compassion, and unity.

May this realisation fill your heart with love.

Warm regards,

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