The Harmonious Dance with Nature: A Life’s Journey by Maurice Spees

From his early childhood days spent playing in the great outdoors, Maurice Spees felt an unbreakable connection to Mother Nature. He found his true calling in nature’s embrace, a sanctuary where his inner child was set free. For decades, Maurice has striven to make this bond permanent, turning nature into not just his muse, but also his sole employer. In return, nature has graciously opened doors to some of the most awe-inspiring locales for him to live and create.

Over a span of ten years, Maurice has immersed himself in some of the planet’s last untouched havens—from dense rainforests to the endless expanse of the ocean. In these sanctuaries, he developed the art of Mindful Photography, a fusion of Buddhist principles and natural wisdom. The practice serves as a tool for personal growth and transformation, a medium through which nature communicates her majesty and intent: to inspire us to realize our higher selves and act as stewards of the Earth.

In his explorations, Maurice discovered an innate capacity for intuitive dialogue with the natural world. He realised that by listening with childlike wonder, we can find answers to life’s most perplexing questions. This channel of communication not only fulfills us but also bestows us with the responsibility of giving back to the world through our unique creative expressions.

But the modern world, built on the remnants of a disconnected past, poses challenges. Urban life inundates us with a cacophony of distractions, obstructing our link to the pure frequencies that guide our true selves. Yet, Maurice has found that once you attune to Earth’s Spirit, life unfolds in a more organic, fluid manner, directed by a higher calling or what some may call Divine Nature.

In this harmonious state, we co-create with nature, imbuing our creations with the same sacred vibrations found in untouched wilderness. In doing so, we are fulfilling our roles as conscious creators, individually and collectively tapping into the same source of inspiration.

Are you intrigued? Maurice has curated his years of profound experiences into a 7 to 10-day program designed to reconnect you with your innate potential and true essence. He invites you to join him in the pristine Biosphere reserve of Menorca, an unspoiled gem of the Balearic Islands and a place he proudly calls home.

“I want to offer each person the opportunity to experience the magic of living in harmony with nature. Whether you’re leading a busy life or seeking a break, this retreat could be the transformative experience your soul has longed for.”

If this resonates with you and you’re interested but not quite certain, Maurice is offering a FREE 30-MINUTE Skype consultation for personalized clarity. Don’t miss this chance to turn your life into a manifestation of your truest essence. Are you ready to gift the world your authentic self?

Maurice Spees, October 2015

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