Transformational guidance & Soul Portrait session in nature

Are you ready to captivate an audience with your own presence? I see is divine beauty, in everything I see and it’s my passion to capture this beauty, so that it can work it’s magic with people.

Maurice has a talent for bringing out the best in people, and with an eye for divine beauty he is able to capture these moments right on time. 

I guide you to make your natural radiance come alive in a single work of art, so that you are sure your presence gets the attention you deserve!

What do you get: 

A 2-5 hours transformational soul portret session in nature, combining intuitive guidance with a playful but professional soul portrait photoshoot. A single work of art that brings out the best in you, with preferably no posing. We take quality time to make you relaxed, connected and in your element.


Optionally this includes:

  • A one page header website starring your artwork,
  • A suitable font with your name,
  • A strong personal quote summarising what you offer,
  • Your name url and hosting.

You are a work of Art! 

In the photographs Maurice made, I see the embodiment of the colour palette of the essence of my soul. By only watching the pictures it becomes even more clear to myself what is the message I bring to the world. An inspirational process. – Francisca van der Steen – Coach / Inspirator / Writer

How often do I hear people say, I never looked good in a picture. When you are one of those people, then a session with me will sure transform your life. It’s my intention to enchant you with the radiance of your own natural beauty that I witness in each and everyone. You might never look at yourself the same way again. Words are a combination of the comments of the people that have gone before you.

Yes I choose to transform my life and truly shine my light upon the world!
Please first book your preferred session, and after payment we proceed together to pick the right date for you.