A Rallying Cry to Earthkeepers:
Co-Creating a New World Through Our Divine DNA



Prelude: Channeled Wisdom from Nature

The essence of this call emanates from an intuitive communion with Nature. It serves as an invitation to reclaim our world, guided by the Divine strand woven into our DNA.


To All Conscious Artists and Entrepreneurs: A Gathering of Kindred Spirits

Are you ready to harness your playful creativity and contribute to life’s extraordinary tapestry? We are all essential parts of this wonder. As we awaken, we become receptive to the Divine within our DNA, finding companionship in those who share this resonance.

Your Visionary Questions: Mapping Out Our New Reality

When considering the state of the world, rather than dwelling on its flaws, ask yourself two vital questions:

1. How do you desire the world to be?
2. How do you wish to feel within it?

Your answers will illuminate your readiness to shift your worldview and partake in collective creation.


Harnessing Collective Wisdom: The Internet and Beyond

We’re increasingly aware of our collective ability to shape our reality, a task challenging when undertaken alone. However, modern tools like the internet amplify our reach, enabling us to galvanise a global movement for birthing a New Earth.

The Core of Presence: Embracing Your True Nature

Dive deep into the present moment. Here, you’ll discover your True Nature—constantly refreshed and unburdened by past creations. Once you experience this, there’s no turning back. Are you prepared?


Choosing Our Path: The Duality of DNA

Our DNA holds two contrasting blueprints: one Divine, another manipulated. Your heart is a barometer for your Divine DNA. Understanding this duality empowers you to express your truest self, thereby aligning your contributions with the greater good.


Who Are We? The Role of Earthkeepers

We’re not just guardians; we’re co-creators. By aligning with Nature and the Sacred Spirit of Earth, we not only enrich our connection with each other but also enable a powerful manifestation of our collective vision.


An Invitation to Rejuvenate and Create: Earthkeepers Retreat

If my message speaks to your soul, consider joining our upcoming Earthkeepers retreat on the tranquil island of Menorca. There, you’ll find a sanctuary away from the noise of modern life, a place to connect deeply with a community of kindred spirits, and space to refine your unique vision for our New Earth.

Final Thoughts: Uniting Our Tribe

This platform aims to unite a tribe—a tribe of Earthkeepers, divinely guided and connected by a shared vision for our world. If you recognise yourself as an Earthkeeper, let us together tap into the nurturing, support, and resources we each need to fully manifest our gifts.

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