This call is entirely written through intuitive communication with Nature.

Take the world back into the hands of our True and Higher Nature! The Divine part of our DNA ready to project itself upon the world at large!

Dear fellow conscious artists and entrepreneurs,

I am looking for kindred Spirits from across the world ready to step into their playful performance to contribute our gift to the magic of life. We are all part of this magic, and as Magical beings we are able to step into being a beautiful addition to Nature. As human beings we are here to add our own Spirit to Nature just like all other life on earth. At this time of awakening more and more people can be reached by and are moved by the Divine part of our DNA.

We are kindred spirits because we have a common vision and this vision is what makes us Earthkeepers.

In aligning with our common vision ask yourself:
How do you want the world to be?

And in everything you do not seem to like, instead of focusing on the thing you don’t like ask yourself how do you actually want it to be? And how do you want to feel? Because only with these answers you can feel if you are ready to change your perspective of the world.

These days every one of us becomes more and more aware that we are able to bring our world into being the way we envision it. Even while the world right now doesn’t look at all like something like you have created, we must know that in creation we are never alone. Doing this on your own is not easy, especially when we are distracted by what has already been created by large groups of people. When we think we are the result of that creation in the past, we can easily lose ourselves in the vibration of that creation. And when we have embodied this vibration, we have conditioned ourselves in a way that locks the door to our manifesting potential.

Our real power lies in being driven by our common vision, and to tune into our common vision with as much as people as you know around you!

The internet is a powerful tool to reach a tremendous amount of people. And things like the internet that cannot huge amounts of people together are currently the excellent tools we have available to us to bring the new Earth into being. Can you imagine what our common vision can do online?

When we are ready to step into pure presence in the present moment, and will eventually take enough time in the present moment, we will soon realize this Presence is actually our True Nature. This is something we all must discover ourselves in our own time, but I want you to recognize where you are in all this. Once we have realized our True Nature we start to see and experience that every single moment is a new reality that unfolds in front of us from pure consciousness. Pure consciousness starts in the dark or black and can be seen as an empty canvas, it is always fresh, and never the result of the things that have already been materialized. This all is something that truly needs to be experienced and embodied by fully surrendering to this moment. But once experienced, there is no turning back! Ask yourself, are you ready?

Together we are able to continuously re-create the world as we know it. AS WE KNOW IT! That means, the longer you are influenced by the world and are aligned with the vibration of a world as “the outside world knows it,” you are conditioned into believing all the things that make it very hard to create our own world! But insn’t this a great sign how powerful our common vision can be!
This is the exact knowledge that we are all ready to fully embody in this time on Earth. When we can embrace it, we are ready for embodiment.

To know if something is our common vision, you need to be open to create the space you need to feel what is inside of your heart that wants to be brought into being. Because the part of you that is common to a lot of other people comes from the Divine part inside of you longing to fully embody itself into the world…as we want to know it. 😉

As Earthkeepers we know that we can bring magic to life when we work and envision our world together and step into making it happen together as well. And the beauty of our common vision is that we will be guided and supported by the Earth Spirit in every step we make. While we are living the essence of our being, we are living out the program of our Divine DNA, neglecting and overruling the program in the manipulated part of our DNA.

So it’s important to know that we as a soul are riding our DNA and on this ride we express ourselves to the world. We are able to purify our DNA with the choices we make and the directions we take. While we are all able to creatively express ourselves in two directions of our DNA.
We can express ourselves through the Divine part of our DNA or through the manipulated part of our DNA. Your heart is the expression of the divine part of our DNA. So we should all be aware that we have both parts written as a blueprint within us. And the balance between these two aspects within our DNA results in the person we express to the world. Before you try to understand this, get into your body and feel it. Then look at the world and see it. Everything that we create that seems out of place when returned to Nature (Divine creation) is the result of expressing from the manipulated part of our DNA.

How do we separate these two parts of our precious DNA and why is in this case a separate perspective necessary?

The difference in expression is something we can actually feel. The Divine part of our DNA expressed itself through the joy of creating and being part of the whole and the magic of life. It’s a celebration to be able to co-create with the Divine. And the manipulated part of our DNA is expressed through manipulation of Divine creation, that means (often unconsciously) while intending to use it in favor of ourselves alone, or our species alone, it often results in something against ourselves and the harmony and balance of the world that we need to thrive together with all the other species on earth.

So who are the Earthkeepers and why are we here?

In co-creation with Nature we provide the nurturing, support and resources we need to bring out each and everyone’s gift as Earthkeepers from all walks of life.  Whatever is happening in the world, we are the bridge generation to the New Earth. To bring the New Earth into being we are asked to fully step in alignment with the Sacred Spirit of the Earth and in attunement with Nature. And as a result through attuning ourselves with nature, we automatically all attune ourselves with each other. Which is the most powerful way to give light to our common vision and bring it into being.

In this way we are living in alignment and fully step into the presence of our Higher Selves. From where nothing and no one can stop us from living and bringing out our gift. It’s our birthright and purpose to do so from the moment we are born. It’s the story and esteem of our inner child that brings our life into being in the most playful way. Living in alignment with the Divine part of our DNA which is in tune with Nature and the Spirit of the Earth feels like a joy. And this is exactly how you can distinguish it from the expression from the manipulated part of our DNA.

We are a living example for people to let everyone know our human potential as caretakers of our beloved planet.

Earthkeepers Unite

When this message resonates with you and you feel we are kindred spirits, then I would love to invite you on the upcoming Earthkeepers retreat, where we bring 11 earthkeepers together to form a circle of creation.

As an Earthkeepers guide, I have discovered the enormous potential the island of Menorca has to get us away from the bombardment of frequencies in our city lives that distract us from our ability to step into the pure gift that we are for the world.

An island on itself is the most perfect place to get yourself fully into the core of your own being. To open up to a big picture view of which reality you wish to create for yourself in co-creation with others and Nature. A place to rid yourself of all external distractions, to focus on your gift and develop your own unique perspective of the whole. To bring out the purest form of your creative vision that is coming from within you.

A place to fully recharge yourself in the primal unspoiled Nature as can be found in the ancient and sacred biosphere reserve one of the quietest and gorgeous islands I have come across. What I love about Menorca is that throughout the entire year, even in summer, you can be entirely alone with Nature, without any sounds of the machine of the city. While at the same time you have access to all the comforts of city life. And together with a group of 11 kindred spirits around you who can give you the exact inspiration you need at the time you need it most, to support you in bringing out that light that is ready to shine as bright as it can be to reach the entire Universe!

If you want to be part of a movement that helps you to fully express your gift to the tribe we create together, then Earthkeepers tribe is for you.

Everything on my site is meant for just one thing. To reach and bring together my tribe. And this tribe is fully in tune with the Earthkeepers that we are born to be. And what I know is that my tribe is spread all over the world. If my work, insights or vision resonate with you and you feel you are one of the Earthkeepers, then we might be each other’s kindred spirits and I am ready to give you the profound access to the nurturing, support and resources you need to bring out your gift to the world, in the same way that I am guided by Nature to do so.


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