Biosphere Reserve of Menorca, MAY 21-29 2016: 8-DAY CREATIVE VISION EXPLORATION RETREAT with MAURICE SPEES

Discover what pure attunement with the Spirit of Nature can do to your life to bring out your gift to the world!

Join me on this exploration into developing a pure relation with Spirit, giving you access to creative vision that brings magic to your life and the lives of others.

During the upcoming Creative Vision Exploration retreat in Menorca.

Throughout my travels and nature explorations, I have discovered that it takes about two years for a community to fully live in tune with each other. And in a city it can take up to a lifetime. But when we are all attuned to the Spirit of the Earth through Nature, it takes just a moment! – Maurice Spees
This and a lot more is exactly what I want to experiment together with a dedicated group of eleven conscious people during our upcoming Creative Vision Exploration Retreat.
Do you feel called to be a role model in the performance Nature wants us to play with life? By just being present. Just like all other beings on our planet. Because this is what Nature has been calling us out to do.
It’s just that she cannot always reach us. That’s why it’s so important to take a week out of the zone, a zone where we are constantly bombarded with vibrations that keep us away from our pure potential as a human being on a – by Nature- self-nurturing planet.
This retreat is for you if you are ready to...

Step into the Magic of Living,

The natural play of life,

by living in Attunement with Nature.

Live true to Nature,

by being your true Nature.

Where your Presence is your gift to the world.

I realized that all insights I have been receiving from Nature are here to protect her and to protect us from ourselves! To start playing in the magic of living again, fully attuned to and in flow to her vibration. To take our world back into our hands and know that as artists and creatives we are the ones that move our world in the right direction, fully in tune with Nature. Living the essence of our own Nature.
This is why we set up EARTHKEEPERS, guided by Nature.

Are you ready to become a role model to start performing in the play of life just like Nature intended?

So that you too get access to the magic of living in the flow and beauty of nature, embracing you in every step you take.

Have you ever wondered what your role would be when we become fully independent from our banking system?
This retreat is for you, when you feel called by nature to step into your contribution as a conscious creator, an EARTHKEEPER ready to bring the world back into balance so that our children do not feel disappointed.
Before we create the bedding for our children to fully live their potential, we have to play with them, with nature and step into the magic that Nature has been providing us all this time. Once we see it, we will realize that we can never return to a consumer lifestyle. We can only live our calling as a conscious co-creator of existence itself.
Do we need this kind of retreats?
Ask Nature, because she is the one who made me bring this platform to life so that every single human being who feels called can benefit from it. And then direct this benefit through our work and contribution to our society at large.
More info about the retreat coming up! If you have any questions, I am open for a 30 minute Skype call to create the clarity you seek and to see if you are one of the 11 people for this retreat.

Like everything else in life, this retreat is just a play, but a conscious play which might be the most important week in people’s lives!

When you feel called to step into being an EARTHKEEPER, or to give yourself this beautiful week-long life changing journey into the Magic of living, please sign up .

Biosphere Reserve of Menorca: 21-29 May 2016

Next one: 15 – 23 September 2016

“Together we take on a creative revolution!
Rebirthing our society from a consumer marketplace into a healthy playground for thriving Earth conscious creators co-inspired by Nature.”

Maurice Spees- EARTHKEEPER

If you would like to learn to capture the magic of living in attunement with the Spirit of Mother Nature, then sign up for the upcoming Mindful Photography intensive.


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