As an instrument of nature, I give creative innovators and leaders access to the most prominent ingredients to start living their life authentically in the most natural way. Taking their (online) presence to the level of the heart. Seeing the world through the clarity of visionary eyes. Fully connected and in tune with nature. Tapping into the well of direct experience, from which results come more naturally and we start using our precious life-force energy most effectively. Resulting in an innate drive toward a more intuit holistic and sacred life.

Today I merge my professional background in Filmmaking and Photography with Ecopsychology and nature awareness. Because I enjoy helping creative innovators reimagine the way they show up in the world, executing their most prominent gift as an instrument of nature. Using film and photography most beneficial, as a beacon of love in communication. Bringing across the quintessence of a story or project, like a gift that touches and inspires an audience.

While not just our species but also our planet is our common nature. The earth can be seen and experienced as our common body. The most honest way to know if we are taking the right action is when we are part of the ecosystem of our planet. That means that it’s a natural byproduct that every step we take benefits all of life on earth. And then we are tuned to the self-healing mechanism of the planet, which is the most authentic way for us to thrive as a species! When we follow this calling, our marketplace in itself is in-all beneficial to the planet. And if not, then we are leading the planet but also ourselves to oblivion.

With the Earthkeepers platform of direct experience. Following 4-step deep-dive experiences, building a strong relationship with nature and with ourselves and our partners as one. To help ignite our most prominent gift as the instrument we are, co-creating in the most nurturing and supporting symphony of life, played by nature.

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