Hey guys,

Come and join us during these empowerment evenings in Brunei. Open for everyone who is curious enough to explore their own unique gifts!


For the past 3 months I have been privileged to dive into the pristine rain forests of Borneo. Embracing Nature’s presence and tapping into Nature’s own untampered creative expression, which continues to inspire my true nature, creatively expressing self from within, through the work I give back to the Earth.

I creatively express myself through my work as a photographer/ filmmaker, giving Empowerment talks fully inspired by nature and facilitating Mindful Photography Workshop Intensives in nature.

Every time I discover that it is our creative expression that inspires others to embrace their own connection with the Earth. While Mindful Photography enchants you with the power of observation these Empowerment evenings get you in touch with the power of creation.

How do you express (your)self creatively, fully embracing your potential, just like a tree, a bird or a mountain expresses itself?

In these Empowerment sessions in Brunei, together we will explore our own Self-expression to move our life in the direction of our dreams, enrichment, health and joy.

“SEE the world in a new light and BEcome that light.” – Maurice Spees


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