End-of-Life Passage Ceremonie

End-of-Life Guidance and Beyond

In my role as a Shamanic Voice Alchemist and mystical guide, I provide profound support during the crucial transition between life and the hereafter. Leveraging the profound power of my voice, I create a sacred space for deep connection, acceptance, and preparation for the journey ahead, communicating not through words but through the pure vibrations and sounds resonating in the field of love.

It is a profound honour and sacred duty to assist individuals in this significant phase of life. Recognising the challenges of letting go, I offer guidance in the last months of life, helping to ease the process of releasing the physical body. My approach facilitates a peaceful surrender, making the passage smoother and filled with grace.

I consider this work a gift and thus offer it on a voluntary basis. Donations are appreciated and will be used to build a temple dedicated to supporting these sacred transitions, but they are not required.


In the final phase of my husband’s life, Maurice came to our home. Honestly, I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I wanted my husband to be able to let go of life peacefully, and I hoped Maurice could help with that. Especially since my husband had become less clear-headed due to his illness, we hoped Maurice could reach him on another level.

It was incredibly special, words hardly do justice to the valuable, extraordinary journey that my husband (and I) experienced in the last days before his passing. I’ll attempt to convey my experience.

It was a beautiful Saturday, scorchingly hot, the balcony doors of the bedroom were open, and when Maurice entered, it immediately felt very good and relaxing.
I lay next to my husband in bed, and Maurice began his ceremony… I still don’t know exactly what happened, but the whole house filled with Maurice’s remarkable sounds that came through him, the instruments he used, the silences.

During the ceremony, my husband was very emotional and incredibly alert, even though he had mostly been sleeping for days.
The blissful look on my husband’s face with his big smile when Maurice was finished will stay with me forever and is etched in my heart and memory. It was as if he had really experienced, seen, and felt something from the beyond.

I am truly convinced that this Saturday afternoon contributed to his ability to let go of all the beautiful things here on Earth and to feel at peace that it is also very beautiful elsewhere. And that many are waiting with open arms for us.
This was also what my husband literally said afterward: ‘There are family members, thousands of years old, ready to welcome me.’

A few days later, we listened together to a recording Maurice had made afterward, specially tuned for him. Even then, the peace and bliss overwhelmed us. A very beautiful, special moment together.

That evening, he was able to let go of life…

I am incredibly grateful to Maurice for what he has given us with the greatness he brings, and I highly recommend him.
With his calm, love, gentleness, and tremendous dedication, he is a truly great gift!

Laura Korssen

“As a Shamanic Voice Alchemist and transformational guide, next to my psychic abilities, I’ve been blessed with a unique gift: my intuitive voice, a powerful tool to support individuals during the critical transition from life to the afterlife. This sacred stage of life is rich with spiritual and emotional significance. In my role, I create a compassionate, sacred space where fear is absent, allowing for a more gentle exploration, acceptance, and preparation for what lies ahead.

This role does not feel like my duty but is a heartfelt privilege. These services are offered on a voluntary basis, welcoming donations from those moved to contribute.”

If you or a loved one is approaching life’s final threshold and seeks spiritual and emotional support, you are not alone. I am here to act as a bridge between the earthly and the divine, bringing peace and clarity to this essential phase of life. My voice serves as a gentle reminder of who we were, who we are, and the sacred journey to what comes next, making the transition to the end of life easier and more natural.

Please reach out to explore this meaningful path together. Feel free to Contact Me. 

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