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Are you ready to become a conscious performer in your field and give your life it’s potent purpose you have always been looking for? Then let me be your guide.

As a guiding coach and trainer I attract clients who feel called as Earthkeepers. And I help them unchain their Spirit, so that they can better help others get rid of their chains! And together we can serve as the Sacred servants of the Earth we are born to be. For me this is the most beautiful thing we can be/do in life! If this is to far fetched for you, ask yourself how your life would change if you would be living your true purpose, because that’s what life is all about.

How I can serve:

1:1 SESSIONS In Primordial Nature 

with Maurice Spees

For people who really want to drive their life into the direction of their Spirit and step into becoming a leader in their field, I offer a full-on deep dive tailor-made 1:1 experiential. It will be private “guidance/coaching” sessions with Maurice Spees in nature, in which you get full-on attention to bring out your innate gift to the world. Where you learn to witness nature as a powerful reflection of your Spirit following Maurice Spees art of life. These 1:1 experiential’s are very unique and will help you to fully step into alignment with Source. Maurice only offers his time to the people that are ready to transform their lives, and give way to their heart to become a new leader in the field of innovation and transformation. I trust that in our resonance you know you are ready to step fully in your purpose as the human being you are born to be.

Every 1:1 is tailor-made for you to unfold as an intuitive journey and ceremony to develop your deep connection with nature and your own nature. This means not just stepping into the field of transformation and bliss, to bring out the natural high in you, but it will also take you into unforeseen levels of the conscious leader that lies dormant within your Spirit.

Your contribution: starting at €480 for a long weekend (3days) in 1:1 nature. All-inclusive, car, airport pick-up and spending quality time in pristine remote areas in nature.

To take the first step, book your 1:1 SKYPE SESSION below. And together we will discover the amount of days we are spending together.

“You are the gift that has been specifically given to you at the moment you were born. Your Spirit has all the ingredients for this gift to unfold, and is only out into the world to find ways to reawaken it in you.
The only way to thrive and get into your bliss is by bringing this gift to the part of the world that resonates. Nothing else can make you more aligned with your essence.”

1:1 SKYPE SESSIONS online: Enlighten your purpose

with Maurice Spees

As a born Earthkeeper it is my innate gift to guide people to get in touch with their innate gift and Spirit, their true essence, through a profound connection with the Earth.
While I love to take people to the depths of nature as a mirror for their Soul, my own connection with nature helps me to bring it across online through a SKYPE session.

I offer these empowerment sessions only for people who are already way ahead, but still not fully aligned to their calling.

For the last decade I have done over hundreds very effective empowerment calls with people. And even while I prefer to be out in nature, it’s something that I am enjoying more and more, while it comes naturally to me. But while a gift has been given to you for free, you have to keep yourself going to make it be. [ahm-pricing-table id=null template=smooth hide=”FeatureName”]

Your contribution for A SINGLE SKYPE session is €90 (incl. tax.) You pay to confirm your booking.

A Strippenkaart (Dutch) or Discount strip-card starts at €500 (incl. tax.) For which you get 1 free (introduction) Skype session and a digital card of 25 strips of 15min for additional sessions that you are free to book throughout the year.

Example of a strip-card:

The bigger strip-card you get, the lower the rate will be. So more sessions is always more advantageous not just in price, but also on our quality time together. To order a strip-card for your budget range, please contact me before making your booking.

If this resonates with you, then this is a beautiful invitation to connect with me on SKYPE.

Looking forward to serve you in serving the world.

My skype name is: maurice.spees

Lots of love and blessings


Birgit“Maurice Spees is an excellent intuitive coach and facilitator, I was delighted to book several coaching sessions with Maurice. It has given me so much insight and knowledge about my being and how I can function much more effortlessly. Maurice works solely in the present of NOW and is able to connect to invisible levels of being, assisting his clients to get fully tuned in with nature inside and outside. I have become aware of many hidden agendas in my system and this has resulted already in many concrete areas in my life and my artistic career. I recommend Maurice absolutely if you want make some big leaps in your life!” – Sanna-Pirita, Intuitive Singer/coach



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