What Makes You as an EARTHKEEPER

1. You are a conscious participant in nature’s grand orchestra, serving as a vessel for divine creativity. You recognise your role as a co-creator and leverage your innate gifts, which have been yours since the moment of your birth.

2. Your every action is a collaboration with nature. Through an ongoing dialogue and intimate connection with the natural world, you weave nature’s wisdom and spirit into the collective human experience.

3. You are aware that you’re a creative entity, mirroring nature’s own ceaseless self-expression. The experiences that come your way are not mere happenstance; they are direct engagements designed to broaden your awareness and usher you toward the full realisation of your human potential.

4. You’re an artist of life, adding to nature’s existing splendour by seamlessly blending the raw and the sublime in a harmonious dance.

5. Ultimately, the Earthkeeper’s path serves as an accelerated course for spiritual seekers to simultaneously discover their true essence and life purpose. It is a playful and creative approach where life itself becomes a crafted masterpiece, and nature stands as the purest form of creative expression.

Maurice Spees is not just a Shamanic Voice Alchemist and Mystic; he is also a seasoned ceremony leader who has guided over 250 individuals on their transformative journeys. His practice is deeply rooted in a connection with nature, the Sacred intelligence and is further refined by Vipassana meditation. His core mission? To restore the Sacred in our lives. To help you embody your spiritual essence fully within your physical form, transforming you into an instrument of the divine.

Utilising the synergistic energies of his transformative voice and sacred mushrooms, Maurice is committed to guiding you back to your true essence and connecting you with the divine that is ever-present around us.

With a decade of holistic experience, Maurice acts as a living conduit between you, your true essence, and the intelligence of the Earth. His work enables individuals to become unique channels of love, healing, and transformation.


 about it  empowers you to harmonise with nature, experience profound transformation, and embrace a life of unity.


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