What are the five things that make you an Earthkeeper?


  1. You are aware that you are a conscious creator and embrace creation in such a way that you give back to the world what you take. But in a transcended way, through  our human spirit. Everything that we as Earthkeepers return to the Earth is raised in vibration, it’s thriving and embodies a part of the divine side of our nature. Moving through your human system, moving through the sacred space of the heart.
  2. Everything an Earthkeepers creates and does is in full alignment with source and attuned to the sacred spirit of the Earth.
  3. Everything an Earthkeeper creates and does is in co-creation with nature, through communion and communication with Nature. We combine the wisdom and insights provided by nature and spirit with the available (online) collective.
  4. You are a creative being and know that we are here, just like everything in nature, creatively expressing ourselves. Everything you take on and that you see unfold in your life is here for your own direct experience to help expand your awareness and awaken all aspects of your human potential by elevating beauty, art and conscious into the Sublime.
  5. You are performing the play of the magic of life as a beautiful addition to nature, where the primal and sublime are as one.

Altogether Earthkeepers is a shortcut for all (spiritual) seekers to step into their essence and their life purpose at the same time in the most creative and playful way.
Where life is a performance, a work of art of creatively expressing our presence.