The Open Book of Life: A Journey to Authenticity and Connection

For me, transparency is a virtue, and I consider the Internet an open book where I can share my insights, writings, and recordings with what I consider to be my global tribe. And just as I offer you my thoughts, my hope is that you too might find inspiration to share your own gifts with the world.

To My Soul

Your richness isn’t in material wealth but in the wisdom you hold—wisdom that can guide people into the embodiment of their own inner guidance. When you are in tune with your Soul and the Spirit of the Earth, all the resources, support, and nurturing you need to share your gifts will be made available to you. Travel, explore, and transform the world as a common body. It’s all about collective resonance, about creating and sharing within a common vision and journey.

The Power of Experience

Life, in all its complexities and challenges, is a gift. An adventurous road waiting to be traveled, offering endless opportunities to grow, to learn, and to expand your consciousness. Capture these experiences. Share your stories, your visions, and your images with the world. Your unique gift is in being genuinely you—in fully expressing and realising yourself.

No Need for External Regulations

When you are governed by your heart and guided by your inner source, you’ll find that no external regulations are needed. Being authentic and true to your inner voice is all the regulation you require.

My Dharma

As an Earthkeeper guide, my life’s purpose—my Dharma—is to help people develop a deep relationship with the essence in all things, including their own bodies that house their souls. And all this for the collective benefit of all living creation.

My Artha

My means to fulfill my Dharma—my Artha—is a journey that takes me through diverse cultures and locations, diving deep into Nature, and exploring the human collective. These experiences bring me joy and provide the circumstances needed for me to be my authentic self.

My Karma

My desire—my Kama—is to be around people who are loving, supportive, and nurturing. People who offer each other the space and resources to bring out their own unique gifts. I find immense pleasure in balancing the dualities of life and merging them into one. In creating a community where I can connect, create, and thrive!

So, as I continue to share my writings and reflections, remember that you too have unique gifts waiting to be shared. You, too, can embark on this incredible journey of self-discovery, transformation, and global connection.

Are you ready to join me?

Maurice Spees

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