I love being completely transparent, and have absolutely nothing to hide. So will share with you my insights I receive to bring out my gift to the world. Which might inspire and help you to do the same. I have book loads of writings and recordings of spontaneous insights that I am working on to get into my books. But for me it’s is very hard to get back into past writings, while I truly feel that we create a new reality every single moment. Sometimes something I wrote for myself just jumps out and it inspires me again. While the internet is for me nothing more then an open book, through which I might reach the global tribe, I will try to share everything that I feel might inspire other people on their journey.

To my Soul

Share your inner riches, all of it fully expressed, in my case as the Earthkeeper and inner child guide. Guiding people into the embodiment of their own inner guidance in tune with their Soul and the Spirit of the Earth.
This brings all the resources, support and nurturing you need to uncover and bring out this gift to the world.
So that you can travel, explore and transform the world as our common body, while following and resonating with our common vision with the Earth Spirit and finding and connecting your tribe to share even more riches.
Experience, take the adventurous road of challenges and transformation, experimenting with all areas of life as a gift to you to explore, to evolve and expand your consciousness.
Get yourself in all circumstances. Capture and share your stories, vision and images with the world and feed some more.

Your gift is being genuine in all that you do. Being fully expressed, being fully self-realized.

When you are governed by your heart and guided by your inner source, no external regulation whatsoever is required and necessary.

My Dharma is as an Earthkeeper guide I help people from all walks of life to develop a relationship with the essence in all things including the body that houses their soul for the benefit of all living creation.

My Artha is providing me with all the circumstances, cultures and locations I need to be in my joy and dive into the depths of Nature and in the nature as a human species and collective.

My Kama is my pleasure to be in Nature and around loving people that give each other the space, support, nurturing and resources to bring out their innate gift to the world. To experience the pleasure of balancing all of life by merging both sides together as one. Bringing together our tribe, our community that I connect with, create with, and thrive in!

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