It’s a pleasure to share with you a special Soul treat I have been working on for quit some time. Bringing my wealth of transformational travel experiences, intuitive communication with nature, and the success stories of former retreats and workshops together, I developed something even more profound then anything I did before. I love to create magic for people, following my creative vision in co-creation with nature. Specially meant for people who resonate and feel called to step into their innate role as the earthkeepers we are.

Take a small break in your daily life to invest in and take on a grand transformational individual and group journey, that will change your life for the good of all.

“If I myself would go on a retreat somewhere, then this is what I would love to find, and this is my gift to you!”

Before you take on this journey, sincerely ask yourself:
Are you ready to become part of a global tribe of kindred spirits who are all working and living in co-creation with nature. Connecting together to give each other access to the nurturing, support and resources we all need to bring out our innate gift to the world? Then this is your ticket in.

Come and join us in this special 8-day long Earthkeepers retreat in Menorca. A full-on deep-dive integration into constant alignment with the Earth to bring out your innate gift to the world.
Access your inner guidance and presence while bathing in the beauty of the pristine nature of Menorca’s biosphere reserve.
It will not end after 8 days, the journey continues for as long as you feel called to co-create our common vision into being…

Or feel welcome to the upcoming Earthkeepers gatherings around the world.
Next one in Menorca, coming up next in the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Thailand.

Are you ready…
to move your entire life and the lives of those that you touch from ordinary to extraordinary, so that the extraordinary becomes your ordinary. While at the same time maintaining a harmony and balance between our creation and living creation?

And most of all are you ready to take all that you discover on this journey back home with you into your daily life to become a living inspiration?

Then this retreat is your invitation to bless yourself with this space and beautiful time for your inner alignment, and to meet with kindred spirit from around the world on a common mission.

Be aware! You never know what you come across on a Creative Vision exploration! Because I love the unexpected and spontaneous and love to be as creative as possible to create a journey for people. Surprises around every corner….or not… who knows. 😉

DATE: 15-23 September 2016 in the heart of the Biosphere reserve of the Balearic island Menorca.
Menorca is easy to get to, so flying here will not be a problem. In september there is still direct flights, so the perfect spot to step into Europe’s primal energy.

Tailor-made for artists and creative entrepreneurs who want to create clarity, purpose, direction in their lives and be the inspiration for the world that the world is longing for!

Limited spots of only 11 earthkeepers per retreat to form a circle of creation together with nature. So if you feel you want to be one of these 11, book your spot today.

I would love to hear from you if you feel invited to come but feel it’s not within your budget. Because I actually want to offer these treats to everyone who feels the need to be there. I am open to talk about what is possible for you.

I also offer special 3-day 1:1 soul treats in primal energy, to light up your creativity, if you need that extra personal boost, inspiration, clarity and guidance. Create the space and develop a big picture view of your life to step into alignment with your soul.

In the meantime, I am looking for fellow body conscious Earthkeepers from around the world, who would love to take on the journey to co-create retreats like this with me for kindred spirits alike. On magical spots of our beloved planet. A nice balance between masculine and feminine energy is key.

Hope this message finds you well.

Sending you lots of love and blessings.

Big hug,


For any questions feel free to connect by pm or in a personal Skype call to morreez, or regular call: +34 662 059 261

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