A Journey from the Primal to the Divine: 

In the initial stages of my spiritual path, my voice was a primal force, resonating with the vibrations of nature, ancient traditions, and the living world around me. It was a raw, untamed power, aligned with the Earth’s ancient intelligence that communicated through me.

As my journey unfolded, my voice transformed, becoming a more refined, multifaceted instrument. It wasn’t just a means of earthly communication anymore; it began to serve as a conduit for higher realms, channeling energies from celestial entities and even the Divine itself. My voice opened up as a sacred doorway of expression, connecting the primal to the divine, the earthly to the celestial.

Through this transformation, I’ve come to see my voice as a sacred instrument of balance. It allows me to hold a non-dualistic space where I neither move towards extreme light nor dark. Instead, I balance these energies, enabling me to connect with the Divine while staying grounded in my physical existence.

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