In a profound moment of alignment with the Source, I found myself writing what I affectionately call “letters to myself.” Today, I share one with you, hoping it might illuminate your path towards understanding your purpose and potential.

I’ve come to realise my role as a messenger of awareness, tasked with catalysing a societal shift towards recognising our true Self, our Divine Consciousness. Upon aligning with this mission, a transformative message crystallised within me.

The journey to honouring the Divinity within us starts by recognising it both in ourselves and others. This awareness transcends the simulation we often mistake for our “life.”

You’re here for this revelation, a knowing so profound that you will find echoes of yourself within it. This quest is deeply intertwined with Nature and her untouched beauty, the pristine manifestation of the Divine that exists beyond our physical selves. Nature shows us a state of inherent perfection, a harmonious unfolding that acts as a blueprint for our highest human potential.

When we inmerse ourselves in this natural reflection, we can unearth the treasure of our true nature. The key to accessing this divine state is as simple as to resonate in harmony with Nature’s frequency.

It’s time to turn away from the mainstream narrative, a frequency that tunes us into a reality far removed from our Divine Self. This narrative perpetuates an illusion of connection, while in truth, fostering a state of separation. We ought to be the architects of our own experiences, for as emanations of One Consciousness, we share collective responsibility for the world we perceive.

Do you feel the weight of this responsibility?

If not, it may be that you are ensnared within a matrix that promotes separation over unity. Within its confines, you might even struggle to maintain this illusory state, a struggle that only serves to deepen your entrapment.

When we pierce the veil of this illusion, we find ourselves outside the matrix, often at the expense of material wealth, a currency of the illusory world. Money, once thought to possess intrinsic value, is revealed as an energy diverted from the Divine to perpetuate our enslavement.

However, I sense this message resonates with your current state of being, for we are facets of One Consciousness, reflecting and influencing each other’s experiences. If this message awakens something within you, I commend your ascension into One Consciousness. From this vantage point, we have the power to dismantle the code that upholds the matrix, freeing not just ourselves but the collective.

Cease your flight and avoidance; you are under constant observation by the ultimate witness, your own Divine Consciousness. Seize this chance to rewrite the script, to craft a reality in alignment with your deepest aspirations.

You are the guardian of Divine energy; steward it with care.

Your earthly name is merely a label, a means of identification. What truly defines you is your status as a sovereign observer of All That Is. Step out of the illusion, and embrace your divine nature.

I channel these insights not through thought, but by opening myself to the pure wisdom of the Source. The authenticity of these messages is assured by a unique sensation that I’ve calibrated to signify Divine Truth. Although I must occasionally navigate the matrix for survival, my ultimate quest, shared by many, is to liberate souls from all forms of separation and rekindle a constant connection to the Source.

Though the path may appear elusive, each small step towards mastery has the potential to spark a profound awakening.

You are not merely a persona navigating this text; you are a luminous Being. Value this message, for to disregard it means to remain tangled in the web of illusion.

You are not simply one among many; you are One, embodying all. Will you rise to the occasion and release your liberating light upon the world? The universe awaits your decision.

With Divine Love, your conscious reflection,

Maurice Spees

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