Awakening to Awe: Your Invitation to Become an Earthkeeper

Do you recall those heart-stopping moments when your entire being dissolved into a state of pure awe? Instances when you were so immersed in the magic of life that you felt an ineffable sense of peace, serenity, and surrender?

Perhaps these moments are difficult to remember, given that the mind takes a backseat during such experiences, allowing your consciousness to wholly engage with the present. So why are these episodes of awe considered fleeting treasures? What if we could live perpetually in awe, much like a child fully engrossed in the moment?

The answer is: We absolutely can! Doing so can turn your life from mundane to miraculous, allowing the extraordinary to become the new ordinary.

If you’re wondering how this is achievable, especially in a society that heavily relies on intellectualisation, you’re not alone. Through years spent immersed in nature—from pristine rainforests to expansive oceans—I’ve learned that perpetual awe is attainable when we re-align our inner child with the Earth’s pure spirit. The vibrancy of nature serves as a mirror, reflecting our purest essence back to us.

My inner child’s higher nature has been my inner shaman, which I also identify as my inner Buddha. The term “inner” removes the shackles of external labels, leaving me as a free, unadorned “I AM.” We all have access to these states of consciousness, and it’s precisely these states we tap into when we connect with nature. No book or external method can provide the same gateway to your intrinsic purity as nature can.

To help facilitate this profound reconnection, I’ve collaborated with Mother Earth to design a seven-day Creative Vision Exploration retreat set in the Biosphere Reserve of Menorca. This immersive experience aims to re-acquaint you with your purest nature through direct communion with Earth’s vibrancy.

Emerging from this retreat, you’ll become an Earthkeeper—a steward of the Earth’s spirit, maintaining a pure connection with nature while sharing this transformative energy through your art and presence. Earthkeepers serve as living examples of our human potential when we live and work in harmony with nature.

As your guide, I’ll help you attune to nature, allowing her to awaken your inner guide and making you immune to external influences that may divert you from your true calling. My ultimate aim is for you to rediscover your unity with nature, helping you find your inner teacher and illuminating your life path in all its splendour.

This transformative retreat is specifically designed for earth-conscious entrepreneurs and artists. If you feel the call to become an Earthkeeper, or to gift yourself this soul-nourishing, week-long journey into the magic of living, I invite you to sign up below.

I look forward to embarking on this awe-inspiring journey with you!

Maurice Spees

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