Can you remember those breathtaking moments where you loose your mind entirely into the awe of your experience?

Moments where you lost yourself in the magic of life?

These awe inspiring moments of bliss, serenity and peace where you easily surrender to everything that is.

Maybe it’s impossible to remember them because at those moments your mind was gone, so all that is left is glimpses of the experience. These moments take place in the pure conscious experiencing where we don’t need to memorize things to pick them up later.

Where I want to go with you is; why should these moments be so precious?
Why can’t you just always live in awe of the magic that surrounds us, just like an child being in the moment without distraction?
We certainly can! And the effect of this way of living will move your life from ordinary to extraordinary so that the extraordinary can become ordinary and so on.

But how can we accomplish this? How can we loose our mind entirely when we are so accustomed to our mind, while our society is build with it?

Spending years in the most pristine natural environments from rainforests to vast oceans on my own, I discovered it sure is possible to always live in the moment, when we re-attune our inner child with the pure spirit of the Earth and co-create our world in this vibration. The pure spirit of the Earth can be seen reflected in the pure presence of Nature!

“During my journey I discovered that my inner child’s higher Nature is my inner shaman, which for me is the same as my inner Buddha. I speak about “inner” because this keeps me from labeling myself in any way from the outside; I am nothing more then I AM, totally naked. When we loose all the labels and profiles only then we are free. Every single person has an inner shaman and an inner Buddha when we attune to that state of consciousness. And these inner states of consciousness are exactly the things that you tab into when attuning and connecting with Nature. There is no book or method written by someone outside of you that can let you experience your own purity like Nature can!” – Maurice Spees

Together with our Mother Nature I developed a platform in the form of a seven-day Creative Vision Exploration retreat in which you will dive into the depths of nature to uncover your own pure nature. We let the diversity of the Biosphere Reserve of Menorca be our platform of individual and group exploration.

Discover how by getting in touch and attuned with Nature you easily connect with your pure inner guidance that helps you to enjoy the natural flow of life, for the rest of your life. This is what I call the magic of living.

This retreat will bring out the EARTHKEEPER in you. An EARTHKEEPER for me is someone who sustains the attunement with the Earth Spirit through a pure connection with Nature, and radiates this frequency through their Art and presence in the areas where people lost touch with it. EARTHKEEPERS are living inspirations of our human potential when living and working in co-creation and in alignment with Nature.

I guide people into attunement with Nature so that Nature can play her role as our Divine Mother waking up the inner guide within us, so that external teachings can no longer lead us away from our calling. I want you to be one with Nature again so that you too can find your inner teacher and will forever recognize your path in all it’s glory!
Maurice Spees

This retreat is tailor made for earth conscious entrepreneurs and artists.

When you feel called to step into being an EARTHKEEPER, or to give yourself  this beautiful week-long life changing journey into the Magic of living, please sign up below.

I would love to share this journey with you!


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