I know that it’s very powerful to share your intentions with like minded people and it also feels great to stay fully transparent, and share your intentions with the world. So I would love to share with you what I am working on for you.

Online workshops intention

My intention is to eventually reach out to millions of people to make them see the power of witnessing the beauty that is all around us. And the importance of our perception as a result of what we see, and the world around us is becoming the result of that perception. What we turn our attention to, will grow. So when we want heaven on earth, we focus on the beauty that is all around us. This is the first step into manifesting the New Earth into being.

Seeing beauty and recognize your part in it.

Once you start to see the beauty of our world around you, you will never loose this gift anymore, and the world around you will not only appear but also become more and more beautiful.
Through photography you reflect yourself with in this beauty from within, and this beauty exists inside of you.
It’s not about capturing great images. Great images are the result of your beingness. Great images are a by-product of your ability to see the beauty around, to create the beauty, because you are the creator. We’re all part of the world around us, and what we see, we capture. It is us, our ability, and our state of beingness.
So through photography you can see your own state of beingness, it’s a reflection.
Once you see the beauty it will never disappear, but continue to reappear. It’s a glimpse of your own state of beingness resulting in the magic all around you.

“The magic all around us is the result of your own presence, you own state of being in the now.”

The value of this experience, this ability, is unimaginable. You will never loose the ability to see and also capture the beauty that is all around us. This ability puts you on the forefront of creating a New Earth, an earth of beauty, art and consciousness.

Good luck.

The first lesson is totally free. After that the whole course can be accessed for just $90,00

And the thing I dream into being is to travel the world and capture the magical beauty of nature that is all around us, and share my insights during my travels. Living outside in Nature in my element, guiding powerful nature quests and hikes, to help people see their own true nature present in nature.


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