My passion and life’s mission is to let people withess and experience the divine nature of things. By being fully present and participatory in it.

We don’t need to rely on books full of stories to prove to ourselve what does and doesn’t exist. What is and isn’t possible. Who we are and are not. Most books are written by people who actually had an experience. Which invites you to go and live your own. Movies let you experience someone else’s experience for a short moment. Which doesn’t always make our own life more beautiful. Photography, like art, is a captured moment by someone experiencing something. It’s not the experience itself, but the result of the perception of the one experiencing it. This perception invites the viewer’s own deep longing for experience. The more we live in the now, the more we can capture all these precious moments.

At the time we are educated enough to be able to see and release all the things we don’t need, we are ready to start our soul’s experience.

Life is an experiential journey by itself. An adventure full of challenges specially made for us to grow into our true identity.

We can live our own story by experiencing life at it’s fullest, just like you did as a child. And that child within you has a longing to move through life just like that, moment to moment. To go on an adventure, to capture that experience that develops you from within and gives you your own story of life. So that from within you’re capable of projecting a better world.

Where you are in that story can be told through your photography. What you see is a projection of your connection with the source.

If your source is the mindmade mainstream, your images reflect the way our world appears in the mainstream. And the things you create from this source just makes the consumermind within us happy. But that happiness doesn’t involve our true identity. The mainstream source only appears to answer our longing to connect to the source! But it’s not the true source. It’s a source which disconnects our minds from the real source.  When we’re able to tab into the divine source, which is infinite, all you see around you is divine. And from there you create the things that unite us all!

Cherish your ability to tab into the infinite source because from their you’re capable to co-create the foundations of heaven on earth.

Enjoy the experience!


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