A New Dawn: A Message for 2017 and Beyond

Happy New Year, Beautiful Souls!

As we step into the profound magic of 2017, may we all find the courage to tune into the broadcast within our hearts, to play the instrument of our souls, and join the symphony of life in harmony with nature and the Universe.

The Present Moment is Your Power

Too often, we scatter our energies by tuning into external broadcasts that are not aligned with the love vibration of the present moment. Let’s shift our focus inward, where the real magic happens.

We Are the Change

We are not special or different; we are simply willing to set aside ego games and surrender to the organic unfoldment of life. Our co-creative vision of a world founded on equality, harmony, and love serves as the spiritual bridge between the ethereal and the material realms.

The Love Vibration

The love vibration is the ultimate force that connects the galaxy with the Earth’s core, reverberating through our bodies and filling us with sensations of bliss and joy. Here, in this space, duality serves as a school, not a destination.

Stillness and Listening

Life is much simpler than we make it out to be. By maintaining stillness and listening, we discover the path laid out for us.

A New Narrative

Let’s turn away from manipulative and pessimistic broadcasts and align ourselves with the true truth. The age of pre-packaged news is ending; the demand is now for the ‘live,’ the ‘now,’ the co-creative.

The End of Mainstream Media as We Know It

I apologise to all who work in mainstream media, but the world is evolving, and your roles must evolve as well. We no longer have the appetite for delayed and distorted narratives; we crave real-time, co-creative experiences.

Free Will and Divine Power

We are co-creators with divine power, gifted with free will to set energy in motion. This divine power never meant for us to be manipulated or disconnected from the moment of now—our point of real power.

You Are a Gift

You, reading this, are a wonderful gift to the world—not as a product of your past but as a present emanation of the pure intentions that lie within your heart. So let’s resonate with the love vibration available to us in the present moment.

Let Love Conquer Darkness

I vow to love the darkness out of you, if you’ll allow me to do so.

With all the love and light from the deepest corners of my heart,

In this profound year of 2017 and beyond, let’s resonate together in the deepest love,
unearthing and gifting the world with the treasures hidden within each of us.
Thank you for being a part of this beautiful journey.

With love and light from the bottom of my heart…


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