Happy new year!

Wishing you the most breathtakingly fabulous 2017! A beautiful year to step into the profound broadcast within your heart and play the instrument of your Soul, your body, in the symphony of life in tune with nature, the Universe.
Ask yourself to stop distracting your own power by using your senses to tune into “out there” broadcasts that are not rooted in the love vibration of the present moment.

We are the change makers. Not because we are special or different then anyone else, but just because we dare to drop our ego first games and surrender to the organic unfoldment of life. That is spiritual truth meeting the material world in the presence of all that is. While at the same time having a clear co-creative vision of the world we want to bring into being. A vision based on equality, harmony and balance rooted in love.
The love vibration is the force field of lovemaking between the galaxy and the earth’s core rooted in our beautiful bodies, which gives us the sensation of bliss and joy. No one above or below another, we are all in the middle of this trinity. Duality is just a school, nothing more…
Life is so simple, just keep still and listen. You will know…

Lets create the magical news together in the present of the moment and transform our worldview away from manipulative pessimistic broadcasts. Re-attuning our mainstream to true Truth rooted in the energy of the present moment.
I am very sorry for all the ppl. working for the mainstream media, but all of you are going to loose your job as you know it, this year. Your work is not needed anymore. We want LIVE news only. We want to know what is happening now, things that we can join and co-create with.
Actually we lost touch with the need of television all together. It never had any other need then to manipulate us away from the present moment, where our actual innate power lies! A power so profound that it can bring a creative revolution to life, and even rebirth a new world into being. Co-creating the things that we have never experienced together! Can you imagine that?
Its even more beautiful then the depth of your eyes. Because it’s the pure expression of this depth.

We all have free will, which is gifted to us to give us the ability to put energy in motion. This is Divine power! And it never asked us to be manipulated. Manipulation is the dark side in us all. It first conditioned us away from our wild side, to become domesticated consumers, to accustomise and attune us to a mainstream resonance frequency that is broadcasting from the past and has always been an old projection upon the future. So that we constantly keep repeating ourselves. But this state of life is not needed anymore, while the Earth herself has already evolved and is constantly asking us to reconnect.
We have long enough been co-manipulating our innate power to bring energy into motion by separating us from all that is present, and our own presence. The only reason we play along with this game is because we feel a sense of disconnection, and to move along with it seems to compensate this loss, while practically everyone is (main)streaming along. It only seems to connect us, but it is actually separation in disguise. The comfort zone of the ego. Feeling disconnected makes you easily distracted. Being distracted from your true calling. Calling you nowhere else then to the present moment. A moment in which all of life is revealed to you in as much as you can accept. Only here you are your gift, you are a present for all of life that meets your vibration, your broadcast. Only here you can experience the unexperienced.

You are the most beautiful person I have ever met. You are a present. You are a gift. I mean you here and now, not you being a result of your past. You being the result of the purest intentions that lie ready made within your heart, just because you surrender to it.

So let’s resonate with the purest vibration readily available in this very moment for as long we don’t let any other broadcast distract us from our true potential.
Your life is not rooted in the past, its rooted in this very moment, rooted in love.

Lovely people, I will love the darkness out of you! If you let me.

With love and light from the bottom of my heart…



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