Dance of Elements: FIRE

The mystery of the elements at work. 

VIDEO PREVIEW of exhibition only.

Visionary Video Artist Maurice Spees

Next to film and video making, Maurice Spees became intrigued by the elements of nature at an early age. He started making visuals with his Amiga 500 and later ended up
as well sought after underground visual artist (VJ) in 1994 on dance events. In the year 2000, he gave up using visual art as mere entertainment and started to explore deeper realms of what visuals can do to our mind, to cleanse and open up our eyes and heart. Nowadays, his visual art explores the realm of Movement, Dance, Spirit and the Divine in everything he captures. 

Stills of this work can be ordered on FINE-ART print. Starting with size: 120x80cm 
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The artist:

“I have always been fascinated by how fire and water evolves. This artwork came like a revelation to me, one day while reaching a trance state watching flames evolve, suddenly time stopped and it was like I was watching the dance of spirit. While in a trance a ten pointed star appeared within my gaze, without knowing what that means.
This inspired me to ask the question how it would appear to us in slow-motion. While slow-motion is not the real speed, it gives us access to the mystery of the elements at work. 
I have been drawn to the Spirit in everything, everything is alive and has Spirit. A piece of the Great Spirit or God. And I am exploring how we can capture this Spirit through a lens.

“It’s not me that made this work, it’s the fire element or spirit itself that inspired me to set up the camera in a way to capture this work of art. It’s a revelation in itself.”

Original is 4K length: 24 min.


The fire mandalas have been shown during the Olympic Games in Russia. (From 7 February till 2 March 2014)
For the international art exhibition “A Season of Triumphs” dedicated to the remarkable event XXII Olympic Winter Games, 2014 in Sochi.
This exhibition organised by the Museum and exhibition association was one of the most important events of the Cultural Program of the Olympic Games.
Five zones by the number of five Olympic rings symbolised five energies of Nature: Earth, Water, Wood, Fire and Metal (according to concepts by Carl Jung). In the exposition huge digital screens were placed with video art devoted to every element.

Video Artist: Maurice Spees
Sound: Roger Spees & Maurice Spees


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