EARTHKEEPERS – Primal Nature Attunement – Borneo rainforest

A demo film by Maurice Spees, filmed during his time in Borneo on the Black Lake, infested with Crocodiles.

Attune yourself to the primal energy of the pristine sacred rainforest in Borneo through your screen. The quiet lake reflects the quiet mind resulting in perfect balance and centeredness. Take a beautiful 3 minute break in your daily schedule and dive into the pristine rainforest of borneo to help remember who you are. Maurice Spees – Earthkeeper, travels the world to capture and elevate the Spirit of life. Bringing Spiritual truth back into our material world using Nature as the perfect reflection of our Divine self. EARTHKEEPERS: We are New Earth citizen, together with the Earthkeepers tribe redecorating the world by uncovering the Earth’s spirit in our hearts. By guiding you from seeing into being this presence.” Music: “Calma E Tranquilidade” by Lex van Someren