Art Event Helmond Promotion 2010
Creating art out of art.
A collage of the work created by young artists from the Netherlands from Helmond, Brabant.

Director / DP/camera/ Editor: Maurice Spees
Post production: Maurice Spees

De werken:
Fotografie: Rachel Gruiters en Willemijn Berg

Dans: Giovanna Zagarella

Graffiti: Wouter van Loon

Hertjes: Milad Morozov
Wouter van Loon
Mabel Dam
Jolijn Brouwers

Muziek: Bekende mannen met poppen:
Hans en Willem de Witte, Tim Achthoven

Soundtrack: can we speak (ambiance edition)
by Wasaru from the album: undefinable scenes
powered by Jamendo

Executive Producer/ Coordinator: Mabel Dam

Secondary Coordinator: Jolijn Brouwers

Technician en rental services: Jeroen van Neerven

Artistic Director: Maurice Spees

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