Founder of Earthkeepers | Visual Alchemist and Mentor

Maurice gives people the necessary healing ingredients to retune their life(style) to the symphony of nature which results in a harmonious life and world. His life calling is to help people remember how to live a natural life in which we partake in the gift of life as an instrument of light. He communicates this through his visual artwork and the Earthkeepers experience. 

“Throughout the last two decades, I de-conditioned myself from the society that I grew up in. Where my deeper being made me flee to the depths of primal nature around the world. Over time this has given me the exact medicine needed to recover my open heart and reconnect with everyone and everything around me with an open heart. Nature helped me recover the purest and most innocent state of joy that I found myself in when I was a child. This in-depth experience accompanied by meditation, profound divine guidance and contemplation invited me to the symphony of nature from where I orchestrate my life. In this present state, I managed to create a life for myself where I am able to make a living by being that, my most inherent nature. Living a simple and effortless life in balance and harmony with all that is. And by being a living example of the tremendous joy it gives to live in symphony with nature where everything just unfolds the way we perceive it. What else do we want, really?”

It helped me reconnect restore and refine myself to live in a state that comes most natural to me. With the most reliable access to Source. Embodied in mature boundaries that are more than adapt to today’s crazy society.

And this is how I show up in life, and where my service comes in place. 

As a natural-born artist and guide, I serve to support people to make sense of their life. 

This is not about me, but about what comes through me to reach you in the spirit of nature. 


When you start to know the way I percieve the world, you might remember the power your perception has on the way you orchestrate your own life

The Earthkeepers platform is a constantly expanding life calling or channel I am receiving that calls us back in symphony with nature where we naturally play out our highest calling. 

When I surrender to my deepest being, my true nature, as an instrument of light, besides being a visual artist and filmmaker, I have always felt a natural deeper drive to support and guide people in their readiness to get back together, sharing the bond we all have with nature as a collective soul family. To partake in sacred union and communion to spread love and awareness of the beauty of our nature and our place in all this beauty. While at the same time I offer intuitive 1:1 sessions in clarity coaching to help individuals excel on their own unique journey as part of the whole. All together driven by our deeper common goal to build new earth by purifying the foundation of the old. Today I express this calling through my visual art and by facilitating events in which we partake in life as a work of art. 
In 2019 I was called back to Holland to anchor this project here.