When being surrounded by the power of the elements influences you as much as the power of the group we bring together. These two aspects will shape the self-empowerment you seek to step into beauty and become a living gift.

For the Earthkeepers gatherings and Creative Vision exploration retreats I discovered and arranged for us a perfect location fully submerged in the pristine biosphere of the Balearic island Menorca. A powerful place to recharge ourselves and connect with each other through nature, to find the silence within and without and to especially a place of the heart to feel at home. When I discovered this place and the ability to live totally submerged by nature, it directly invited me to become the next destination for the Earthkeepers retreats and gatherings. What I love about this location is the way it has been preserved for millions of years and you can feel it’s ancientness. The place is so inspiring that for me sitting in quietness for just a couple of minutes directly opens the portal to Spirit, the essence of all the elements that surround us.

Together with our group of Earthkeepers we stay in the pristine heart of the most important ancient prehistoric ravines on the island of Menorca: Barranc d’Algendar. The ravine was dug by the force of water in the stream that runs through it, this stream is unique in Menorca as it carries a considerable amount of water throughout the year, even in dry years. Spectacular evidence of this can been seen at the gorge’s outlet, at the eucalyptus fountain, where leaking aquiferous water permanently flood the gorge’s surroundings. This constant source of water in the steam means that river bank vegetation thrives, and you will discover plant life that is rarely seen in Menorca.

Our house is a serene and quiet place, totally surrounded by nature at work, where you can fully bathe in the primal energy of nature at all times, also during sleep.

The house in the caves: Sa Dragonera, located on the Es Molí de Baix.

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The farm has been in the family of a Dutch artist and her artist daughter who take well care of the place to preserve it the way it was centuries ago. The house itself is an old restored construction detached in the wall of natural stone limestone ravines aged over 300 million years old. Where we sleep in redecorated caves right under hundreds of birds. A place for true Nature lovers, a quiet and healthy place with food from the organic garden near the river banks and the gardens around the island.

The two houses attached to the caves have enough rooms to house a group of Earthkeepers ready to really spend time into the basic needs of life. There is no access to internet, which is perfect for our retreats and circles.

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