Unveiling the Heart’s Wisdom:

Our innate talents are not mere happenstances; they are purposeful endowments from the universe, as organic and necessary as the natural world around us. The manner in which we steward the Earth’s resources is a mirror reflecting how we nurture or neglect our inner gifts. Each of us plays a unique role in the cosmic tapestry, contributing to the collective whole, not as mere duplicates but as singular expressions of a unified Source.

What flows effortlessly through us is our sacred calling, an endeavor that aligns most harmoniously when we relinquish the reins of ego-driven pursuits. Thus arises the existential question: Is our relationship with money, the societal medium of energy exchange, equally organic?

In an age defined by digital connections and fast-paced consumerism, how do we authentically embody our unique gifts? Where have we misplaced the human touch, the corporeal warmth, the communal joy in this global village mediated by screens? Is it possible to reconcile the demands of a digitally connected marketplace with the essence of our soul?

For we are caught between two opposites. Our true gifts, woven into the fabric of Nature herself, seem at odds with an economic system that too often prioritises ego over essence. Yet, this tension serves as a poignant reminder that the ego was never meant to wield power but to serve the soul’s timeless essence.

Our current socio-economic model is an extension of our collective ego—an immature construct teetering on the brink of adulthood. We face a choice: to perpetuate the ego’s destructive reign or to awaken the dormant wisdom within, allowing the ego to mature into a humble servant of our soul’s deepest yearnings.

So if these words serve as a compass, guiding you back to your inner Source, then they have fulfilled their purpose. Yet, they might merely be a fleeting digital echo in a world awash with distractions. The key to solving this riddle lies within you.

With gratitude,

Maurice Spees


P.S. The photo accompanying this message was taken during a moment of serendipity in Borneo. I was engaged in a playful game of hide-and-seek with monkeys. It struck me that Nature’s marketplace operates on an altogether different paradigm—one where every entity exists in its rightful place, a harmonious balance we would do well to emulate.

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