The Earthkeepers Tribe: A Call to Harmonise with Nature

Introduction: Our Purpose

Welcome to a space created with one aim: to find and connect Earthkeepers around the world. If my writings resonate with you, it’s likely we are kindred spirits meant to support each other in manifesting our unique gifts. This is our tribe, and Nature is our guide.


Living in Tune with Nature

Attuning to the primal energies found in Nature allows us to become vessels through which the Earth can express herself. As Earthkeepers, our mission is to work in harmony with Nature to bring a New Earth into existence—a world characterised by divine, primal beauty.


Our Dual DNA: The Choice Between Manipulation and Co-Creation

Human evolution has bequeathed us a dual nature, represented in our DNA. One part of our DNA aligns with the divine, enabling us to co-create with the Universe. The other part, symbolised by “Eve’s apple,” predisposes us toward manipulation and control, pulling us away from our natural state. By choosing to resonate with our divine DNA, we can nullify the manipulative tendencies and live in harmony with Nature.


Embodying the Earthkeeper Within

It’s time for us to embrace our true nature, forgiving ourselves for our past unawareness and collective actions that have harmed our planet. The first step is immersing ourselves in the present moment, acknowledging our reflection in the world around us, and realising the divine beings that we are. From this point, we can begin our work as Earthkeepers.

## Creative Vision Exploration Retreats

To catalyse this transformation, I’ve been called to guide small groups of eleven individuals on retreats deep within Nature. These retreats aim to activate your Earthkeeper potential. The first location is the Biosphere Reserve of Menorca, a site that promises transformative experiences. Will you heed the call?

Are You an Earthkeeper? Five Identifiers

1. Are you a conscious visionary artist, creative entrepreneur, musician, artisan, or architect?
2. Does the term “Earthkeeper” resonate with you?
3. Do you feel a pull to help manifest a New Earth?
4. Are you in tune with the primordial energies of Nature?
5. Are you ready to embody the Earthkeeper within?


Conclusion: The Heart Knows

If your heart responds to this call, you are an Earthkeeper. It’s time for us to unite and work together in co-creation with Nature and in alignment with the Divine. Let your heart guide you.

With love and light,

Maurice Spees

© Maurice Spees 2016

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