Are you ready to bring more magic to the world? 

If that lights true, then I feel happy to work with you. 

Looking back at everyone I worked with and guided to bring out their light (story/service/product) into the world, I want to help people that can inspire our world by things that touch the depths of our being, and open up our hearts. If that’s you then read on. 

There is one saying about Video that says it all:

“The higher the quality of the video one uses to represent oneself, service or product is a direct proportion of the value one gives oneself.

When I discovered the gift I have that when I loose myself in the magic and beauty of the environment by experiencing it as one consciousness, that what I then witness with both eyes can also be captured through a lens. That means the lens suddenly becomes an ability to share this deep experience in awe with the world. I take myself out of the picture, so that they you can experience it as well. This is such a gift for the world, that I can’t wait to capture you in it too! 

Sometimes there is no better way to describe it, then with the most honest representation of the lens. 

So let’s do that together. You are here because you too want to work with a professional who knows what he is doing, because he knows exactly what you need to bring out the treasures that are here to share with the world. So lets jump in and work together.

I am ready when you are and if you are not, let’s make you ready!

I can be seen as a man of all trades, but there is one trade that I am severely good at and that is to capture the magic that is present on all levels, to captivate an audience with the essence that stirs our heart. That means in (natural) light, in the power of authenticity of your voice and your radiant presence. It’s my intention to bring out the best in you, so that later when you look back you can feel that good again. Because how else are you going to attract an audience?

Don’t you worry I guide you along the way so that you get exactly what you need out there. So that your audience loves to tune in and feel the resonance with your offer? When you work with me things like effortlessness may seem to start to feel natural to you that you can’t get enough.

When you want to create a video that does all the talking
when you want a video that brings your artwork to life in the way it deserves
then you found your man. How do I know? Because we both know, so now we got a connection that can only be a magnet for the world.

From confident coaching to be the magic all the way to your web or broadcast content that can do the magic.

I am well equipped to help you showcase your story, service or product in the most invigorating way possible.

Oh yes and I also fly DRONE cameras when needed.

If you just read all of this text, then we are probably a good fit. Lets join our flow. 

A small selection of my previous clients since 2001.