Just speaking my heart out.

If you would know that:

What comes most natural to us is actually our gift. So our gift is that which comes most natural to us. Just like nature has been given to us as a gift. It well shows how we treat this gift outside of us is a direct representation of how we treat our gifts within. And while things might come more naturally to you then another is just because we are all meant to do our own thing in the giant play of the whole. We are not meant to be copies of one and another! We are all meant to just follow our source within. And doing this will feel the most exciting thing to do because your body is made for it.

Our gift is that which comes naturally to us when we let this nature make her way through us. That means by dropping control of our separated (ego-driven) selves.

So this raises a question, does something like money come naturally to us?

Is it driven by a natural drive?

When we know that we are the one that gives money the energy. Without us, money is just a bunch of papers. So then we are also able to make money come naturally to us. So why all the forcing and why the heck is marketing such a freaking pain in the ass?

When there would be no internet, and no mechanical transport, we would all be left to a small community of just the people around us. Wouldn’t that be a way more natural life? And aren’t we naturally returning to that?

At this very day, we have to find back the nature of connection through screens and phones, which actually isn’t really supporting the way our innermost gifts want to be expressed, is it? Where is the warmth, the spirit, the touch, the dance, where is breathing together?

How can I find peace with what is?

How can I be content with the way our market is what it is?

How can I express my gift fully and be what comes most naturally to me in a world where the gross of people only finds things online?

Is it possible for nature to communicate through us and help us reconnect with our innermost being, while we are distracted by a screen?

Because to answer this, it feels I have to drop what comes naturally to me! And for what? For what? For who!?

Because what comes naturally to me is my gift that is naturally supporting nature in all her glory, to prevail and enlighten more and more people to become instruments in the magic of life unfolding. And our market slowly (not quickly enough) becomes part of this true human nature expressing as part of the whole, and not as part of the kingdom of the ego, that actually drives our lives astray.

The ego was never meant to be in control!

And we have given our society to the ego-child. So now we can choose; stay in this ego-child play that breaks down all that has been gifted to us, or tap into the source within and letting the ego mature by serving that innermost nature, and never again serve something outside of oneself that is not connected to the same source within.

So if this message truly helps you to remind you to return to the source within, then this might be a way. It can also just be a lazy way to express myself on Facebook so that even messages like this become part of a distracted world. Only you have the answer… within.

Maurice Spees

PHOTO: I made this picture in Borneo when I was playing hide and seek with some monkeys. It almost seems like our marketplace, with one huge difference; in nature, everything is in the right place!

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